Wednesday, February 28, 2007
  The beginning

We are off. We are on our way home. It will take a while but we are still on our way. We hope all of you will go along with us. We look forword to your comments.


Tuesday, February 27, 2007
  Look at dem boots!!!!

Thank you ARIAT and BOOT BARN!!!

The trekkers have long since been fans of Ariat boots. I can honestly say that the pair I wore out to CA was at least 10 years old. I fully intended to wear them on the ride home....they are great, long lasting boots. Today, Ariat via one of their distributors, Boot Barn gave us all four a new pair of boots. Thank you both!!!!

  Ain't we proud

Here is a copy of the Resolution. We are also pictured with Ginger who is the Executive Assistant to the Chairman of the Board. She worked so hard with us to coordinate the whole event. Our thanks to all involved with Ventura County.

  Trekkers receive honor from Ventura County

Today we were honored with a Resolution by the Board of Supervisors of Venture County. The recognition included their vow to take part in helping raise awareness.
Linda Parks - Chairman of the Board is shown presenting the award.

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Monday, February 26, 2007
I love the determination and purpose of these awesome 4 ladies. They are on a mission to help people be stroke aware. I have had at least 3 if not more TIA's I was so scared, I just woke up I couldn't talk or walk, yet I looked like a full blown stroke yet it never showed up or a Cat or MRI. Strokes hide so well until it's at times to late. People when a friend or family member just seems like somethings wrong stop be more aware, it could save a life especially yours. I am so proud of these ladies for doing something special to help one another. Blessings and safe journey. Be well and all who see the Carolina Trekkers say a prayer of thanks for a life that will be saved. Thank-you for joining our family and now you are apart of it. Anyone who see's this, give back to support give what ever you can this will make a difference be apart of this journey to save lives. Thanks dear friends for making everyday a blessings just getting to be apart of it.
Be well drive safe. Valerie & David Lagesse Angel haven Ranch.

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Sunday, February 25, 2007
  Hero's and Heaven...
As everyone now knows, riding a horse across the United States has been a dream of mine since I was twelve years old. I am fifty six years old and it is finally coming to pass. Not only do I get to live a life-long dream, but I get to do it with three people that I love, admire and respect. The icing on the cake is the fact that we get to help other people while we are doing it. To me that is Heaven, or as close as I can get to it here on earth... I can tell you one thing though.... there are hero's that are helping us get this done... there are so many at home that helped us get off and running... Then, once on the road, we met our first hero's in the form of Sherry McDaniel and Charlie Ohton and the people at Super Gentle Horses. They have helped us beyond words. We have now met a second set of Hero's. They are David and Valery Lagesse of Angel Haven Ranch. They have opened their home, their hearts and their family to us during our stay here. We owe them a huge debt of gratitude. Their kindness, hospitality, and boundless efforts on our behalf have been overwhelming. They have gone far beyond anything we could have expected, and like Sherry and Charlie, they have become lifelong members of our family. We left South Carolina, four women on a mission. We will return, part of an ever growing family of love that stretches from one coast to another.... Andi.

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  We leave Wednesday
I cannot describe how excited I am about our ride home starting on Wednesday. We have had a lot of work to prepare for the ride out and are now prepared. We are waiting until Wednesday because we have to meet the Ventura Board of Supervisors on Tuesday morning. We will use the rest of that day to pack and prepare to pull out of here.

David and Val at Angel Haven Ranch have been just wonderful to us. I believe that all Val would want in return is to extend the same kindness to others on our journey. They are very spiritual and generous people. Since Andi is our "writer", maybe she can do a better job of sharing what they have meant to us.

It is hard to leave the friends we make but that is part of the journey. I feel like I am going home, even though it will take a long, long time.

I love and miss my friends and family at home.

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  How do you say.......

just a "trim" to a non english speaking hairstylist?? Marla and Andi went to get hair cuts. Andi says that is the scariest thing she has experienced on the entire trip. She saw the woman start buzzing Marla's head. Marla only had a few options and she at least let her finish so all would be even. Real short but even - lol. Andi said she bolted out the door and was clear about not having her hair cut. You can rest assured that I will NOT be going there.

Love to all;


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Saturday, February 24, 2007
  Good Morning
Wow! Today is such a beautiful day in the shadow of this mountain that I still don't know the name of... As anxious as I am to get on the road toward home... I will miss Angel Haven Ranch and the people here.

After a week of rest for Jericho and I, I saddled and rode him yesterday. I was so proud of him. He is a great little horse. He had a hard time getting to my heart because I had to have Fancy, (my 28 year old paint mare) put down in March and for awhile, I felt like I was betraying her if I got close to him. That is all over now... Fancy would approve if she could see how good he is and how happy I am to be riding again. When I retired her, I tried to retire me... but you know how that goes... Oh yes, I have to share a humility moment... As we all know, when we get older, we have to make concessions for little failings that our body inflicts upon us... first it was reading glasses because the phone book print got smaller and blurrier... then it was the large icons on the computer so I could see them better... Well, after having broken my left knee twice in less than a year, several years ago, and then breaking my right leg above the knee a year or so ago... I discovered that I have great difficulty mounting a horse. Jericho is barely 15 hands and the smallest horse I have had in years, and still it is hard for me. Well, thanks to Sherry of Super Gentle Horses in Gilbert, Arizona, where we stayed for awhile... (God bless her... she came through again...) I can now get on my horse with no problem! She saw the difficulty that I was having and even after trying one of those stirrup extensions... I was having a problem. She sent me the neatest little tri legged foldable tiny platform to use as a mounting block. It has a string attached to it so I can pull it up on Jericho after mounting and put it in my saddle bag. It works great! So all I can say to my wounded pride that has had to accept reading glasses, large icons and now, a step stool to mount... I am no quitter... as long as I can get on them... I will ride! Well, guess I'll close for now.... I love and miss all of my friends and family.... I will be on my way home soon... God bless you all.... Andi P.S. To Ruth... I love you, daughter-in-love... thanks for your support! Dru... I miss and love you... Grandi, J.C... I miss and love you more than you know, son... To Jessi... Thanks for loving my girl... give her a pat on the head. Say Hi to your mom and the crew... Jim and Talmadge... love Kiah for me... Thanks, Hello to all the Hawthorne's, Hugs to my sister, Mary... The same to Mom, Julie and Jacob, Doug and Kayla... and finally.... to Debbie, and my Doc and the others at the Mongomery Center... Thanks for believing in us... we'll be headed home on Wednesday... I love you all.... Andi

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Friday, February 23, 2007
  We made it to the Pacific Ocean

We have touch the Pacific Ocean with our bare hands. This was a wonderful day in my book.

Every where we go there are people that have either had or have family or friends that have had a stroke. Some have had multiple strokes. A lot of them have permanent paralysis. May God hold you in his hands each and every day.

With love,


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  Snow on the mountain

These are the mountains that we wake up to each day. There is snow on the mountain on the left back side ( not to be confused with the right high side ) lol. I sure hope you enjoy them as much as we do.


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For folks like me who have never been to California,it isn't always warm here.We woke up this morning to frost on the windshield.Considering we have no heat in the RV, that makes for a chilly morning.
I want to thank everyone for the prayers you sent for my cat Bud.I know there were alot of them because ,that very night, Bud came home.Doug,our nephew,who is staying at the house,called that night to let us know he came back.Siad he was very thin but seemed to be ok.So thank you for thinking about him and me .Prayer really does work.I expect Bud won't be drifting so far from home now.Doug says he stays upstairs on Jacob's bed and is eating well.Thanks again.
I have said that the supervisor for Vetura wants to give us a resolution.(not sure what that is but we want it!)We had it all set up for Monday around noon.They called back yesterday and asked if we could do it Tuesday so the entire board of Supervisors could meet us.Well,after significant thought(ha,)we decided we could wait another day and meet with them.How cool is that?!
Our friend Sherry from Super Gental Horses put us on her web site and,as a result, we are getting some very nice e-mails from a lot of people wanting to help.Thank you Sherry.Tell Charlie to make sure and get you on our page!
Edie and Andi are out working the horses getting them ready for the beginning of our long journey .It's just around the corner.
Thanks to all my family and friends for all that you have done.I love and miss you.
Lovc to all,

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Thursday, February 22, 2007
  Just so you know....

One of Marla's trek assignments is to scout out camp sites for us on her Harley. She is also quite the horsewoman as can be seen in this pic. When we get organized and start, we will be able to get some good pics of her on her Harley. She decided today that it's name is Tonto - lol. Maybe we should add it to the bio page.

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  Still in Santa Paula
We are still at the Angel Haven Ranch in Santa Paula, CA. We are trying hard to literally start from the beach. The woman that had originally granted permission has been out until today. Hopefully, we can get these details worked out today. I will be in the "office" all day.....Wanda, Marla and Andi are going to try to work out the details for our departure. We believe it will be early next week. I am so excited an cannot wait until we are actually riding.

Take care and love to all;

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007
  Thoughts for today...
We were all sitting around this morning and as I was looking at the bamboo in the distance, I saw something moving. I couldn't tell what it was, so I asked Andi if she could tell. It was a young coyote.He was looking back over his shoulder to see if he was being followed. He disappeared into the bamboo. Shortly we heard a whole pack howling. I am sorry I was unable to get any pictures. I will try to be faster next time.

I have someone very dear to me that had a stroke three years ago. He is trying to keep up with us on the map. He has a hard time spelling so I spell things out to him and then he has someone help him follow us on the map.

David and I were talking and he told me about a gentleman he knows that had a stroke. He knew David when he walked in, but he couldn't form the words that he wanted to say to express what he was feeling. He said he had never felt so helpless in his whole life. I just wanted to let you know that a stroke doesn't give you the option of choosing the time or place it will happen. My friend had his as he was pulling into his driveway at home and laid there for 45 minutes before he got help to get him to the hospital. My prayers go out to anyone who has had or will have a stroke. May God be with you.

I want to thank David and Val for letting me take a shower and for serving us a wonderful dinner. I am thankful for them to be a part of my family. I will always cherish it. Love, Wanda

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  Hi Everyone
Hello to everyone who has been asking me how come I haven't been blogging... Just so you know, my internet access on my computer is a little more sporatic than on the other computers, so I don't have as much opportunity to blog. I hope now that I installed a wireless card, it will be easier for me to get on line sometimes. It has been a beautiful trip out here and we now sit in the shadow of a gorgeous mountain and I am not even sure of the name of it. It is such an awesome sight... At night, the lights below us are beautiful, but the sight of so many in one place makes me, the lover of rural places, glad I am up here looking down on them. The horses are relaxing and enjoying not having to be loaded every morning into a trailer. We are staying at a beautiful place with our hosts, Valery and David. They are so sweet and hospitable. Good Christian folks... Well, guess I better see if there is something else that needs to be done. To Jessi and Ryan... Thanks for being so wonderful with Naja... give her a pat on the head for me and tell her I love her... Love to you both.... To Robin and her crew... I am indebted to you and your family forever for all your help preparing for the trip... Hug Raven for me.... Love to you all.... To Mr. D and the whole family in Laurens... I love and miss you all... many thanks again... To Jim and Talmadge who are caring for Kiah, many thanks and I love you both... To Julia, Julie, and Jacob who are caring for Evie...I love you...and To my sister, my son, and my family and friends at home.... I love and miss you all more than you know. Can't wait to see everyone again. Well, that's it for now.... (the trouble with letting a writer near a computer... is they don't know when to stop!!) Love, Andi

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  Driving Hercules

This was awesome. I have always wanted to drive a horse but at least I was able to drive a mini cross. It was great. He took very good care of me. Thank you Sherry for letting do this.


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We woke up this morning and just about 40 yards away at the edge of the "bamboo" there was a coyote walking along the edge.COOL!.
I wanted to tell you all that along the way,every where we have gone,there are people who,themselves,or someone close to them, have been touched by strokes.When we had a little brake problem,just outside of no where,there were two men who where parked in the same lot.Of course we struck up a conversation and Mike had recently suffered a stroke himself.Everywhere we go.Here at Angel Haven Ranch,our host,David and Val know several people as young as 8 years old who have suffered strokes.It is a very active disease and certainly not age dicriminating.

We plan to stay here a week and get well rested before we start home.I am so glad to see that there are so many good people around us.All of our host have not only accepted us onto thier property but have opened thier homes and families to perfect strangers just like people did years ago.I remember my Granmother(rest her sole) talking about about how when she was younger,how they would bring travelers ,or drifters as she called them,in for a hot meal.So maybe times have not changed so much when it comes to kindness of strangers. I can only hope.
I didn't realize how worn out we all were from the trip here.I think we are catching up on our rest and the horses enjoying being off of the trailer..
I love you all and miss home and family.I have
been told that my cat Bud,that has ,at some times,been my only companion for 15 years,has been missing for about a week.Please say a prayer for him that if he has been taken that he did not suffer.
Ok.that's all for now.
Love you all.

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Monday, February 19, 2007
  Edie riding to CA>

Edie took a lot of beating today. She had to deal with the sand, wind and cold on this trek. You did great Edie.

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  Willie and Andy in Parker Arizona
We would like to thank Willie and Andy, at Willie's bording stable, for their hospitality. It was great to share our dinner with them and have their companionship for the evening. We hope to see you soon.


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  Location Update
We actually left Gilbert, AZ (Super Gentle Horses) on Saturday morning. We drove to Parker, AZ and stayed at a little place that allowed us to board our horses and park the RV. We met Willie and her husband Andy. They were very good to us. We wanted a good nights rest before we drove across the Mojave desert. In our mind, this will be the most difficult part of the entire trek. Believe me, there aren't many spots for water or fuel. We made sure to note each one. The scenery was beautiful, we will be able to take a lot of great shots on our way back through. We left Parker Sunday morning and headed to Santa Paula, CA. We lost brakes on the RV and were able to make to necessary repairs. All it needed was a new gasket to the master cylinder and a little extra fluid. It would have been a scary thing to have been pulling two horses behind a heavy old RV and find out you have NO BRAKES. The good Lord has watched out for us in so many ways...this was just another one. Andi had pulled into a parking lot and when she started the RV, the brakes went to the floor. We arrived in Santa Paula late and were exhausted. Once we unloaded the horses, set up the RV...we crashed. We have awakened to more beautiful scenery. Hopefully we can upload a couple of pics tomorrow. I will be stuck in the RV catching up on paperwork.

Let us hear from you....we just love having comments.


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  Thanks to all at Super Gentle Horses

What a sad moment for us...we were leaving such great people or I should say, new friends. I could not be happier with the horse I got from Super Gentle Horses. After watching Sherry manage her facility, there should never be any doubt about any horse she posts for sale on her site or it's characteristics. Not only does she ride each horse but she also has others ride for their input. Some of these riders are kids to assure the safety of a potential buyer.
Charlie is always in the background...taking it all in and managing his own business. His own chassis design for racing ATV's is incredible. Their trophies are evidence of that.
Someone once told me..."you can either have one years experience for twenty years or twenty years experience". If I am not mistaken, Charlie Sumner from Abbeville told me that. If that is correct - I am sure someone had to tell him that because he is not that smart - hahahaha....just kidding Charlie. If you think about this...unless you are willing to learn from others, you never grow and your knowledge becomes limited. After having said that....I wish I could have had more opportunity to just watch Jess Mann. I know I would have been able to learn a lot from him with his style of horse management. Thanks Jess for all you did to help with Whiskey.
I could go on and on...Charles, you are a great young man. You sure made us feel comfortable and welcome - thanks. Emily is also a new found friend that I believe will maintain contact with us.
Take care you guys and thanks for everything. I sure hope we are able to hook back up with you on our ride back through AZ.

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Friday, February 16, 2007

This is Emily. She helps out Sherry and Charlie with their horses. She has a really nice grey (in my eyes) I love greys. I wish her all the best and hope she goes far in life. She has a great heart. Emily stay in touch with us and God bless.


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Well, we are still in Gilbert.We took the RV to the shop yesterday and ,amongst other things,had the generator disconnected.Hopefully we are straightened out now.
Our "gray water tank" was full so we were going to empty it and the bumper of the RV got stuck on Sherry's very nice iron fence.We told them there was no charge for the fence art but she really didn't buy into that.So...we have a little cutting and welding to do before we leave!
Our plan is to leave early Saturday morning and will make Angel Haven before night fall.
We hope you are all enjoying the pictures.We sure enjoy taking them.
Sherry,Charlie and thier family have been wonderful to us and hope someday they will make it to S.C. so we can return the favor.They are trying to plan it so they can catch up with us as we come back thru Arizona.
I hope all is well at home and know we miss you all.
Love to all,

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Thursday, February 15, 2007
  Edie on Whiskey
Edie riding Whiskey on their first trail ride at San Tan Mountain. Don't they look great together.

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  All four of us

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  Gilbert Arizona

< San Tan Mountain

Sherry, Andi, Jess, Marla and Edie.

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We made it here on Tuesday in the early morning.Sherry and Charlie have quite a place here. Very different from home.They have 2 1/2 acres and on that there is a beautiful home,a huge barn, a garage where they work on and build racing ATV's ,an arena and a livestock pen.I think I heard there are 13 horses here right now.It's a great place.
Edie found her horse.His name,of course,is Whiskey.He is a 14.2 Appaloosa .He is red with a full white blanket with red spots.Sherry took us into the Santan Mountains yesterday and we rode approx. 8 miles. It was beautiful.Lots of cactus like we see on tv.Whiskey did great.
We are still having electrical problems so the rv is going to the shop today.Sherry and Charlie and their youngsters have taken us in their home while it is being fixed.Hopefully we will be on the rode again by the weekend.
We have some great pictures we'll get posted soon.
There is one more thing.There is a young man here named Charles(after his Dad).He is a "out of the ordinary" teen.He has been very helpful,gracious, and funny.He took us right in as if we belonged.So,"thank you" Charles for being the person you are.We hope you are able to fulfill your dreams of going to college and becoming a machining whiz!Oh,Wanda said "you make a mean omelet!
I guess that's all for this morning.Wanda will get some pictuers uploaded for today.
Once again ,we love and miss you all.

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Monday, February 12, 2007

It has been some awesome sights to see crossing the country.I have seen some really beautiful places and I know this is just the beginning. We have two camra's going so there will be lots of pictures.


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  New Mexico again

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  New Mexico

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  Texas again

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Taken on our first night out.

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  RV first night out

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  More pictures...

New Orleans.

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You should see the beautiful things we are seeing.I know you are all saying"we would if you would send them!!!"Wanda is working right now to load them so you will have them tomorrow.
We got started early but ended up leaving late.We stopped at a Cummins dealer who has certified Onan technicians(generator).Well,long story short,it cost us 112 dollars for them to tell us it would cost almost 500 to take it out and look at it.Well...needless to say,our generator still doesn't work.We have decided that Edie and I will purchase a generator to use.That takes care of that!
Funny thing happened today.When we leave a campground,we empty the water holding tank so we don't carry the extra weight.So,as we travel down the road,and the "urge" hits to wee-wee,we wash our hands with no water but there is soap and then we rinse with a gallon jug sitting on the sink.Well...Andi being Andi,took care of her buisness and washed her hands.The light back there isn't always good and she squirted ,not soap, but wood glue on her hands and began wringing them before she realized what she had done.What a stickler!
We are camping just outside of Tuscon tonight and we will get to meet Whiskey tomorrow.We are all excited and even though Edie is keeping her feelings undercover,I know she is the most excited of all.
I would like to say to "cousin Liz" that we got your comment and it sounds like that would be a great undertaking for you!We heard the the Imus show has already gotten wind of us.
ok everyone,that's it for tonight.We really miss you all.Thanks for the calls and the prayers.Thanks for all of the comments you are taking the time to make.It means so much.
Love to all,TTFN.

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I hope these go through.


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It won't be long we'll be crossing into New Mexico.We stayed at a very interesting RV park last night.Made us think of the Bates Motel.Anyway,still having electrical problems so we are just trying to get to Arizona where we will be for a week and we can put the RV in the shop.
Jerico is adjusting to the travel and is doing just fine.Sir Amos is the cat's meow and is a wonderful companion.
I'm going to try to load some pictures today so be patient.
Talk to you later...
Love to all,

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  Good Morning
We stayed in El Paso last night. This morning we awoke or shall I Say Andi was up and then Edie and then Marla. I did arise finally as you can tell. It was cold to me and I didn't want to move. Before this Edie was up two days in a row, before the rest of us on the inside, moving around which was a big shocker.
Everything is going well. The R,V. has a few electrical problems and the generater dose not want to work but all and all it couldn't be better.
It was great hearing from my niece Angie. I sure hope you continue to wright. Sorry I missed you in New Orlens. I hope you will email me. I love and miss you and hope all is well with you.
It sounds as though all is well with the homefront. That helps to be able to rest a little. I want to thank Jim again.
It is wonderful hearing from everyone. Stay intouch and we will keep you posted as to what is happening.
We love you all,

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Sunday, February 11, 2007
Good morning.We spent the night in Junction Texas at a little campground called Pecan Valley(cause there were lots of pecan trees).It was off of the highway and the "hosts" had stopped there for 6 months.That was in 2001.I guess they liked it there.Anyway,the Texas landscape is very different and has it's own beauty.The wildlife is just that.The white tail deer are abudant and very social.They come within a few feet of the Rv when we were parked last night.We think they smell the sweet feed for Jericho.I though of my friend Troye and how she would have been out there trying to feed them and pet them.They are everywhere.We have also seen gaggles of wild turkey and antelope ,which of course prompted a round of singing"where the deer and the antelope play".The was a creek running thruogh a park we went through that was as green as grass from the minerals in the water.
We are blessed to see such beauty.
We didn't stop for groceries so we had ramen noodles for supper but that was ok.We will probably do that more than we'd like.
We hope to make it to El Paso today which is just over 400 miles from where we started this morning.
My niece Maggie calls everyday to see where we are and I really look forward to it.
I think the other three are keeping journals of this trip but I think mine will be here for all to see.If you have any quetions please feel free to ask.
I have gotten long winded this morning but there was a lot to share.
Love to all,

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Saturday, February 10, 2007
We are about 100 miles east of San Antonio . The last time I was here was in the late70's when I was going to boot camp in the Air Force.Can't say I miss that but it certainly led me to meet some great people and lifelong friends.
Jericho actually laid down and rested last night which was a good thing and relieved Andi so much that she is now sleeping as we ride down the road.This is one of the few times that she will sleep inside!!We got and early start and hope to get quite a few miles behind us today.
The weather is cold and misting rain but certainly not a problem for us.Edie is doing her share of driving and then has to move to the rear of the RV so she can get her buisness work done.It's kind of neat watching her work on the road.She writes and bounces down the road and never misses a beat.
That's all for now.Having to save the battery on this contration so she can work.
Love to all,

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Friday, February 09, 2007
Well,we finally made it to Texas.We took our time leaving New Orleans and did a little fixing up on the RV.I guess we left there around 11:00.Poor Jericho had to stand on gravel all night but it was the best we could do.The roads from there to here were very rough and not kind to him.Then as dark fell,the running lights went out on the RV and we had to pull over.We managed to replace a fuse and found a nice campground with a patch of grass for Jericho to be on so maybe he can rest tonight and we can get our lights straightened out and make some good mileage tomorrow.We figure we'll be driving thru Texas for 2 days(or maybe longer depending on how slow Wanda eats!!).Over 800 miles.
We would like to say how much it means to hear from you all.Please drop a line when you can to keep us in touch with home.
Love to you,
p.s. Andi is sleeping out side every night just like she said.I guess she is worried that Jericho will leave without her!
p.s.s.i will try to load some pictures tomorrow of Edie and Wanda weatherproofing the RV

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Thursday, February 08, 2007
Sorry it took me so long .I finally had a chance to get on and I would like to take this time to thank some very special people that helped make this possible for me.

I would like to say thank you to James Sullivan (Jim) owner of Sullivan Heat and Air for taking care of my animals and the house and all the problems that goes with it. You really are a God send.

I would like to thank Talmadge Paxton, his mother Mrs. Paxton and brother Spurgeon for their gifts to take on this journey. Also for all of Talmadges help in taking care of my critters this past year while tring to get ready for the ride.

I would like to thank Tonya and Charles Knight for all their help and the bear. We all like our bears.

I want to thank Rachel Raines and her father Brown Gaulden for dealing with me these last several months while getting ready and being so scattered brained at work.

FinallyI would like to thank my two daughters for understanding why I will not be there for Jamie's birthday or for Tina's wedding. I am sorry although I know you understand why.

Thank you to all who are donating to the ride and keeping us in your prayers.

I love you all dearly,

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Good morning.We had to upgrade the blogger site and it took a while to figure out what to do!It's 9:45a.m and we are just about to cross into Alabama.We stayed our first night in Palmetto Ga. at South Oaks campground and ,let me tell you, the reaction we get when we say we need to set up a corral for the horse is so funny."Excuse me",the man said.Like he didn't hear me right.Anyway,it was uneventful.Andi slept outside on the asphalt(which she said smelled freshly paved)so she could make sure Jericho was ok and ,of course,Sir Amos was right beside her.It was cold when we woke up and had no coffee so it didn't take long to get packed and moving again.We had a little breakfast and a lot of coffee at the local Waffle house where Wanda and Andi squabbled over where to sit so they could see the trailer!And remember folks,this is only day two.
love Marla

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007
We are so busy,I can't even spell overwhelmed!!!

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Last minute things are the hardest... Each of us are going off in a different direction in order to get everything done before we take off tomorrow. I can't begin to convey my feelings of gratitude to the people that have been so helpful. A huge thanks to Chuck at The Cultured Cowboy and to Robin, once again... Thanks also to Custom Tree and Saddle Company. I know this ride is going to be easier for both Jericho and I because of using one of your saddles. I want to thank Roger at Highway 28 Farm and Garden for his support. I am constantly amazed by the people God puts into our lives... I don't have the right words to let you know how much I appreciate you and everyone that has been there for us, trying to help us get this ride together. Well, today is the last day to prepare for our trip. It will be a busy one. Keep us in your prayers... Andi

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Monday, February 05, 2007
For those of you who are local to Abbeville and Greenwood,we are stopping on the squre in Abbeville for an hour or so to say "hello" and "goodby" on our way out of town.If you have a few minutes ,please come out and wish us well.
Marla's from high noon 'til 1:30

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Sunday, February 04, 2007
  getting really close
Hello everyone.Our departure is growing ever so close now.We have all spent the last few days saying goodby to friends and family and it has taken it's toll.As excited as we are,we are also sad at the thoughts of how life will go on without us.I want all of you to know that we love you and will miss you greatly.

The RV is almost ready.We just have to put our "stuff" in it .CBS will be here Wed. morning for an interview(Thanks Peggy) and then we go to the "square" at noon to greet well wishers, and then it's off to California.It doesn't seem real.
The horse trailer is finished with the exception of a few more sponsor decals being applied and it looks fantastic.
Doug moved his things in over here tonight so he can help take care of the homestead while we are gone.
I guess that's all for now.
TTFN Marla
p.s. go colts!!!

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Thursday, February 01, 2007
  Things are coming along
OK , only 5 more days to prepare.Day 6 we will be off and running! And we are so busy.There is still much to do and with this weather ,I feel like we are losing a day.I am going to make the best of it by getting all of my paperwork updated and START PACKING!! I can hardly believe it.We are so close.There is a little sadness as we progress and our time is becoming so short.Our families are realizing that soon,we won't be around everyday and that ,even though we are trying to do a good thing,we will all certainly miss one another.
I would like to say to them all,Thank you for allowing us to make this journey and that I know we are all making a sacrifice in some way.Thank you for supporting us and loving us.
Ok.It's time to get to work.
Love to all,

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Thanks to pastor Dale Dunton and family for the work you have done on the trailer.It's beautiful!
Also a special thanks to New Horizon Life Center for your donation.
GOD is good.

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We had our first live media coverage.... Abbeville's oldie radio station "Z93" invited us to participate in their morning talk show. Marla and I were the elected speakers for our group. It is snowing today and I believe it came at a perfect timing. I know kids had their parents tuned in to see if there would be school today. Z93 wants to follow our progress and we will call in to the station for updates. Thank you Z93 for your interest and coverage.


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