Wednesday, August 22, 2007
We have made it home safely and are trying to step back into our lives.Surprising to me just how difficult it has been for the three of us.Of course our families are delighted and so are we.I think I can safely say we are overwhelmed.So much to take care of.No matter how much help you have taking care of things while you are gone,no one is quite as good at running your life as you are!!LOL.There have been many,many things to take care of for all of us but I think we are starting to regain some control.Whiskey and Jericho are doing great ,resting and all but I can't help but think they are a little bored.
Thank you all for the support you have given us in so many ways.We couldn't have made it as far as we did with out the love and encouragement from you.
I'd like you all to know that the web site will remain active to allow for comments and to see the signs of stroke.As any new readers may join us,we hope that you will find our blogs good reading and helpful,maybe even a little inspiring.
Love to all,please stay in t