Monday, July 16, 2007
  What happened to the rocks and mountains?
We know we are in Texas because there are NO ROCKS OR MOUNTAINS clear to the horizon, in any direction. We are riding on a table top of beautiful green grass and it actually rains here! We were in the desert for so long, I never thought we would get out of it. Four months of sand, sand, and more sand! Five months with NO RAIN! Rocks have been everywhere and now there are no rocks... That would not be a problem had I bought a shorter horse, but even though Jericho is only fifteen hands, I need a little something to step on in order to mount him. Long gone are the days when I could grab a horses mane and swing up on him bareback... Sherry, from Super Gentle Horses, where Edie bought Whiskey... gave me a neat little tripod thinggy that I can stand on to mount and it folds up in my saddle bag. It will get a lot of use out here! I am glad that my new paint filly won't be a huge horse... I would have to carry a step ladder to get on her! Oh well, getting older brings on some concessions, but at least I am still riding... As long as I can figure out how to get on a horse, I will ride. The people in Texas are very nice and I like it here. The terrain is much better and much more conducive to faster travel. Things are opening up for us and we are glad. We are hoping the hardest part is over now that we have left the desert of California, the mountains of Arizona, and the prairies and mesa's of New Mexico behind us... nothing but wide open spaces ahead of us and lots of them... Peace and blessings to all.... Andi

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