Friday, July 20, 2007
  We Made it!
More news to catch you up on... Edie and I are now officially Long Riders. So much has been going on, it will take us a few days to catch you up on all the important past events. We are really trying to make some time now as the terrain has opened up for us. The horses are in great condition... they never even break a sweat anymore. Their weight is holding well, their feet are in good shape and they certainly have plenty of energy... Texas is being kind to us, so far. The people are very friendly. We are in the heart of the west Texas farm country. Such a change from the desert terrain... a welcome change. The desert had it's own beauty, but this is different. Everything is green and growing. No more steep climbs or decents... Few gopher holes to step in and virtually no deep drifting sand. We are anxious to see what lies ahead for us in Texas. I'm sure it will all be interesting. I am still homesick for my friends and family. I miss them all so much. Hi to Jessi and Ryan... give Naja a pat on the head for me... you guys are precious to me. Thanks so much for taking good care of her. Hi to Ms. Julia... and Julie... and the rest of the clan that are holding down the fort in Abbeville and caring for my cat, Evie. Mary, J.C. and the rest of my family and friends... I can't wait to see you all again. I feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of OZ.... "there's no place like home... there's no place like home..." I keep clicking my heels, but no magical journey home... Just more hoof prints in the dirt... heading towards home... to where my heart is... I love you all.... Andi

Andi! You gotta get some RED boots girl! Then CLICK again.....wonder how many clicks till you get to SC?? you can count them if you are bored LOL.


Andi, If you are Dorothy...what does that make Edie (The Scarecrow)
if she only had a Brain...Marla...we all know she is a munchkin.........Jacob must be the Wizard....Let me know if you run across a Tin-man and a Lion..also stay out of Kansas and AWAY FROM TORNADOES

Safe Travels
Abbeville SC
Congratulations on the long riders guild girls.

Andi, I have people coming in the office and reading the board along with others that call and check on you. They want you to put what town you have been through. That way they can keep up with it on their maps. A lot of them don't use comps. Keep your backs to the setting sun.
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