Monday, July 16, 2007
  Two Ladies from Home...
We got a great surprize yesterday. A lady from Greenwood, South Carolina, a town twelve miles from where we live, called us. Linn Johnson and her sister, Sue, were in the area where we were and saw our picture in a paper. They were so excited to know we were close and they wanted to meet us. It was like old home week. Linn lives in Greenwood and her sister, Sue, lives in Charleston. We had a wonderful visit with the ladies and enjoyed them so much.By the time they left, we felt like we had been with two long time friends! It was such a treat to hear another South Carolina accent and to know that when we go home, we have two new friends. I have been trying to post a picture of them but have not been able to upload the picture. I guess we'll have to post it when we can do it later. Any way... they were an absolute joy and I can't wait to see them again. What a special gift their visit was to us all... We have been out here so long that things take on a different perspective... At home, people are going on with their lives... We are so seperated from our loved ones... we miss them and will be glad to be home when our journey is over, but when we get to see someone from home, even people we have never met before... they are very precious to us. Linn and Sue are another high point in our trip...Love to everyone... Andi

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