Thursday, July 05, 2007
  Thanks Everyone
I never thought that I would get so many comments on my last blog, sometimes I just get homesick, not only for my home now, but for places I have lived in the past. I have no doubt now that I have taken root in South Carolina. I consider it a privilege to call that my home. We are all anxious to get back. We had a nice fourth of July and thank God that we are, first and foremost, Americans. What a privilege that is. Now, Wanda has guessed that Splash is a German Shepherd puppy.... Nice try Wanda... but nope. A clue... Splash has one blue eye and is bigger than a bread box! We will be on the road again on Monday. It has been a busy week. Whiskey is doing great with no side effects of his fight with the corral panels. We hear that Texas is flooded in places... hope that is all over by the time we get there! More later... Love to all... Andi

I know how you love rats but that can't be it. Hummmm Is it full grown?
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