Wednesday, July 18, 2007
  Texas, Texas, Texas...
It seemed like forever that I was talking about the desert... It seemed like forever that we were in the desert... WE ARE DEFENITELY NOT IN THE DESERT ANYMORE! We are on a flat planet that has not so much as a bump on it all the way to the horizon! Beautiful fields of corn and milo and soy beans. Huge irrigation sprinklers and huge tractors. Huge cattle feed lots and huge dairies. It seems they don't do anything on a small scale in Texas! Huge trains that require five to eight engines to pull them down the track. There are some other differences in Texas... the drivers are the most courteous we have seen yet... They are so careful around the horses... they slow down or even pull over to the breakdown lane when coming at us in the oncoming lane of traffic! Truckers are especially courteous. It is a far cry from California... We have come quite a ways in Texas and I am very impressed. The people are kind and sweet. The weather is HOT and the breeze sometimes feels like it is coming off a blast furnace, but at least it cools our skin a little. It's hard to believe we have come so far. It has been incredible. I thought alot about Nika today. She is beautiful and I am looking forward to having a young horse to work again. Jericho whill love having another horse for a buddy. The world is beautiful, the trip is fantastic, and ...for the moment... all is right with the world. Marla is cooking something wonderful... I don't know what it is... but it sure smells good... mmmm mmmmm she is a great cook. The side of the roads here are soft and grassy. We are making great time. Few rocks and even footing... we'll be home before we know it! Love to all... Andi

Yep Marla sure does cook good...Ayla wants her to hurry home so she can have some beef jerkey...I just want her to hurry home because I miss my friend. We love ya'll...please be safe!!!
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