Wednesday, July 25, 2007
  Sweet Texas Folks

Shortly after we arrived in Texas, we met the Johnson family. They own Scott Johnson Farm Services. They go all over Texas and cut corn for people who have dairy and beef cattle. They also raise show steers. They have a "cold room" that is air conditioned to put the young steers in so they can grow hair to make their coats thicker. Jacob had a ball learning all about show cattle. They also have three lovely daughters that show their pigs and steers. Jill, Cari, and Abby are in the 4-H club and were inerested in asking lots of questions about the horses and our ride. We were very grateful for their hospitality and friendship while we were there. They were the first people we stayed with when we first got to Texas and we were to find out that they were the first of many very sweet people we would meet here. Love to all... Andi


I like the new shirts, they look like they might have the Johnson
Families LOGO on them.

Safe Travel
Abbeville SC
Hey Guys,

The Horses look GREAT......

Safe travel
Abbeville SC
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