Wednesday, July 11, 2007
This is Charlie and Beverly Overton and they are just as sweet as they look. They provide many services at their ranch including raising cattle, horses, guiding hunt groups and young christian groups called Cowboy Country Church. Please visit their site at .

We appreciated their generocity so much. They "babysat" our horses and Amos which allowed us to put our rv in the shop for some much needed repairs. Since we had to get a car, we were able to go site-seeing for a couple of days. Our destination was Bandalier National Park and we routed our drive through a town call Madrid. It is an old, small mining town that has old homes converted into shops....mostly art. We weren't there long before it started looking familiar to Marla and me. Turns out it was the town in which "Wildhogs" was filmed. If you have seen the movie, you recall that the little cafe was rebuilt. It is there but not operational...just a sign about Disney having built it for the movie.

We made our way up to the park and it was incredible. There will be a blog later with pictures of the ruins and the caves. It was great. We drove back through Santa Fe and walked through some of the old downtown area. I love southwestern buildings and the fact that Santa Fe requires that style, even for the new construction. Even McDonalds has the vegas.

As we were traveling, we maintained contact with the garage to assure the rv would be ready as promised. You guessed it...we were on our way to turn in the car and get the rv when they told us it was going to be one more day. Marla told them....well, that is our home and guess you are going to just have to plug us into your shop. They did and we camped that night in the Ford dealership lot. How utterly strange - lol.

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