Thursday, July 12, 2007
Since we started riding, we have only encountered rain a couple of times. Once when we were in the mountain tops near Prescott, AZ, there was a storm and we could hear the lightening and thunder. It was close enough to cause concern and we only got sprinkled with rain. Another time, we were within sight of camp and we got caught in rain. Yesterday....we were IN a thunderstorm.

It was the beginning of this trip, the thing that scared Whiskey the most was blowing or flapping plastic, especially bags. It took lots and lots of bags to help him overcome this fear but trust me, there were plenty in California. Yesterday, I became a flapping plastic bag with a poncho. I would have loved to have been able to read his mind. The look on his face was as if it was some cruel joke.

It was raining so hard that Jericho instinctively turned his rear to the rain which caused him to walk sideways. It was stinging Andi and I as well so we went down on the lower shoulder and all of us turned our back and hunkered down to wait it out. It rained so hard that even through our shirts and ponchos, it stung like we were on a motorcycle. There was nothing to do but stand there and try to think of songs about rain. It was not pretty hearing Andi and I singing songs like "rain drops keep falling on my head". We love to watch people's expressions during such events, we just laugh and wave. What else can we do.

I guess it goes without saying that this severely slowed our pace. We knew we were going to have to face a railroad underpass that was of concern to us with clear skies. It was in the last mile or so of the ride and we were literally approaching it and looking to see if there was anyway to go down over the track instead of over the bridge. I had just told Andi that I had real concerns about the visibility with the weather if we had to go over the bridge. The bridge has an arch that would obstruct view of us and there was not much shoulder. Our singing certainly was silenced and the concern was showing on our faces as we were hoping to see an answer to our dilemma. Once again, God came to our rescue with a couple of angels in the form of cowboys with a trailer. They pulled up behind us and asked "are you endurance riders"... in unison we said "NO!!". He then said, "will trailering be against what you are trying to do"...again we said "NO". He opened the back of the trailer which was an open stock trailer with a front cover. We loaded the horses and I noticed he was still standing at the back. We told him that no further than we had to go, we would just ride with our horses. No since getting the inside of their truck wet. Our thanks to these all happened so quickly and with the weather, all we knew in the end is that one of them was named Jesse.

Our camp is located beside a small, old church. There are no windows or doors but it provided a great shelter for us to change out of our drenched clothing into something dry. The cowboy rescue bringing us to this old church was more warming than the dry clothes. We were reminded again how many prayers are with us during our mission out here.

Love to all;

Okay, now you all are is one for you in the words of Geroge Harrison...........

Here comes the sun
Du du du du
Here comes the sun
And I say
It's alright.........

PS.... Glad you are okay and everything worked out

Safe Travel
Abbeville SC
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