Saturday, July 14, 2007
Sometimes things get confusing out here. I blogged earlier about my new addition that would be coming to Abbeville when I get home. My friend of many years, Nanci, had her old horse, Bub, and three beautiful Overo Paint horses. One of them was a gorgeous 3 year old Palomina Overo gelding named Splash. The other two were a pretty little dun Overo filly and Nika, a bay Overo filly with a bald face and a blue eye. When we went into the barn at her house, she said I could have either one of them I wanted. Initially, I chose Splash. It was really hard for Nanci to give him up because he is already working under saddle and she is very attached to him. I decided that I might like one of the girls instead. So Nanci and I talked, and she is thrilled to be keeping Splash and glad that I am taking Nika. Nika was orphaned at five days of age and has been handled quite a bit because of that fact. She will be my replacement for Fancy,(if such a thing is possible), and will be with me until one of us is gone. I had my good Paint mare, Fancy, from the time she was born until she died at age twenty eight. It will be especially nice to have a horse that was so important to one of my good friends. It will be like Nanci and I have a common ground forever. So now that I have you completely confused... My new addition is a beautiful bay and white Overo Paint filly with a blue eye. The name Nika is as close as another friend who is Navajo, could come to a word that means "orphan". It literally means, "One without relatives. As soon as I have a picture of her, I will post it. Love to all... Andi

Andi, Now that sounds more like you. Glad all is going well for you. Keep your chin up and your back to the wind and rain along with the setting sun.
Love, Wanda
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