Wednesday, July 25, 2007
  Meet Nika

I told ya'll earlier about my new filly, Nika. I finally got some pictures of her to share with you. She is a two year old. She has blue eyes and is very sweet. Edie has a loud Appy, (Whiskey), Marla has a gorgeous buckskin mare, Shilo, Edie has a bay mare, Hershey, Doug has another bay mare, and when you throw Nika and my roan gelding, Jericho, into the mix... we will surely be a colorful bunch! The "Rainbow Brigade from Abbeville"! Hope you like the new addition... I can't wait to get her home. Andi

She's a bueaty. Definately you Andi. I can see Andi written all over her.I know you will be glad to get her home.

Keep your back to the setting sun and you will make it before you know it.

Beautiful Horse........I think she would look great at my place.

Safe Travel
Abbeville SC
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