Wednesday, July 25, 2007
  The Masons

We must, once again, add to the list of Sweet Folks in Texas. Tom and Barbara Mason let us stay at their beautful ranch for a few days. They were the sweetest folks and were very kind to us while we were there. Tom fixed up a place for the horses to stay in some of his cattle pens where they had room to walk around. We combined our resources and shared meals with them and they were wonderful. Barbara set a bountiful table and Marla and I both got some recipes from her to take with us. I got to go to church with them while we were there, and on the way back home, Tom told me some interesting things. He said that within a 100 mile radius of Amarillo, six MILLION cattle go through the feed lots per year! Now, that's alot of hamburger, and good Texas Steaks! No wonder we have seen so many feed lots across Texas. Barbara served us the sweetest cantaloupe at every meal. It was some of the best I ever ate. Tom was a quiet man, but he took Jacob under his wing and let him go with him on the tractor. Jacob had a ball! I asked Tom before we left if we were the most unusual bunch of women he'd had on his place for awhile... and he looked at me and said... "Ever!" He said it with a smile, so I guess that is O.K.! We will remember them always as two extremely sweet folks. We miss them alot. Andi

Hey Girls,

I am so glad such wonderful people are welcoming you in to there homes. I know they find out very fast you all are great people to.....

Safe Travel
Abbeville SC
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