Wednesday, July 11, 2007
As you know, my eight year old nephew is out here with us. We stayed at the Overton ranch in Yeso and met Charlie and Beverly Overton. The time we spent with them was great and Jacob just couldn't get enough time with Charlie. He is not only a real rancher but is also a christian. When we left their ranch, in addition to lots of beef and fresh eggs...Charlie gave us some cowboy bibles to give out. Jacob is reading this bible every night. I told him if he read the bible a little every night, it would be a great thing. So far he is keeping up his reading.

As most of you know, my horse's name is Whiskey. Jacob met me near the end of our ride and I let him ride Whiskey (with me holding a lead rope) the rest of the way to camp. When I talked to my Mother, I told her how proud she would be of him. He is now on Whiskey AND reading the bible - lol.

Well, now we know he is a New thru and thru.......starting them out young.......

Safe Travel guys
Abbeville SC
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