Wednesday, July 11, 2007
  Good Bye to Billy the Kid...
As Edie and I rode off of the Overton's ranch, we learned from Charlie that part of the Billy the Kid ride crosses his ranch. It is a ride that retraces the last ride of Billy the Kid from Lincoln, New Mexico to Fort Sumner where he was killed. Charlie Overton guides the ride for two days.The ride takes about a week and is a yearly event. It was kind of neat to be riding the same trail that Billy the Kid rode. We visited his grave site and the museum. It was really quite interesting. As you know, Jacob, Edie's eight year old nephew is with us right now. It was especially interesting to him. Marla picked up the movie "Young Guns" for Jacob and we all watched it. There were some things in there that I found especially interesting since we were here in the area where it all took place. Edie, Marla and I watched it and learned some things we did not know. We all knew that Billy the Kid was an outlaw... (Edie and I both thought he was a bank robber...) what we did not know was that he was actually deputized at one point and was a Regulator, one of a group of young men that worked in the capacity of protecting agents for a rancher and store owner. Billy the Kid played a big part in stamping out corruption in the New Mexican government. President Rutherford B. Hayes stepped in to clean up the corruption after Billy the Kid made him aware of the situation in New Mexico. Yes, he was an outlaw... but he was also a vigilante that did some wrong things for the right reasons... I came away with an entirely different concept of who Billy the Kid really was...
Both Peggy and Marchelle correctly guessed that Splash is a horse. He is a beautiful three year old, palomino and white overo paint gelding. Good guess my friends...
I want to thank Bev and Charlie for allowing me to attend church with them. I would like to thank all the wonderful people I met there. We happened to have pot luck dinners both days I attended and they have some pretty fantastic cooks in Fort Sumner and Yeso, New Mexico... !
To Jessie and all... thanks so much for your kindness... God bless you all.... I will never forget you. I will miss Bev and Charlie... Yeso is a wonderful place. I loved it there.... It is so hard to meet new friends and have to leave them... The Overton's family have lived on that ranch for generations and it has a rich history... this family is a great example of the families that made the west what it is today... the ranchers that took on the challenge of the land and forged a partnership that still works today. We are truly blessed to have met Bev and Charlie... they generously donated our horses shoeing and took such good care of the animals while we were away. They may never know it, but they also donated many rich and colorful threads that we will incorporate into the tapestry of memories that we are weaving throughout our journey. I miss and love all my friends and family at home... Hey Jessi... Give Naja a pat on the head for me.... I miss her and all of you... Say hello to your family for me.... Hugs to all... Andi

Hey ya'll

Okay, I was close with the color
Now... where is Splash are you riding him or what.. where is his know I am impatient.....get out the camera

Neat, about Billy the kid trail but I am not calling Edie the New slept at the Ford dealership where is your adventure.....sleep under a cactus...there wasn't even a Ford in Young Guns

Safe Travel
Abbeville SC
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