Tuesday, July 03, 2007
  Desert to Plains
We have really come through some varied terrain. From the citrus groves in southern California, to the stark barrenness of the Mojave, through the rugged mountains of Arizona and altitudes of almost eight thousand feet, across the Continental Divide, the Rio Grande and now into the vast prairie. What a wonderful way to see the United States! While they are suffering from drought in Camp Verde, Arizona... they are dealing with record breaking floods in Texas. Time is such a relative thing when you are traveling by horseback through the country. Twenty five miles takes a day of riding. It takes a week to go as far as you can drive in two and a half hours. You get to see things that a car speeding by at sixty miles an hour cannot see. We take it all in, knowing that we will probably never see some of these things again, and most definitely not by horseback. The views have been beyond description, the people we have met are wonderful and difficulties we have encountered have only served to strengthened us and give us a deeper appreciation of all that we have experienced. This journey has given us a view of the United States far different from any we have had before. This week is the fourth of July and our Nations birthday. I would like to say, "Happy Birthday America" from one who is getting to know her on a brand new level. "You are even more beautiful up close and personal!" Happy Fourth to all.... Love and best wishes to all, Andi


Actually today is the third and we had a great day with Tommy's best friend Major Jimmy Bowie and his family, he has just returned from Iraq and made a quick visit to Abbeville before returning home to Toney,Alabama

Safe Travel
Abbeville SC
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