Friday, July 20, 2007

We are still catching up on pictures. Here is when we actually crossed over into Texas and it is definitely cowboy country. I have seen the biggest stockyards and huge dairies here. There are also fields of corn and the sweet smell of tilled soil. I know lots of ranchers use ATV's for long distance herding but there is still a need for horses in certain circumstances. We watched a couple of guys cutting calves from the herd for medical attention. It is so cool to watch roping being done as part of the job and not just for competition.

I agree with Andi about the road courtesy here. Virtually everybody gives us road room, even though we are riding on the shoulder of the road. It is a gut wrenching feeling to be riding and have two cars coming toward you and the back one decide to pass and whips out as if it is headed in your direction. I have witnessed several people actually wait until they are past us before passing the car ahead of them. Thee shoulders of the road are so much more conducive to horseback riding and we are certainly excited about our ability to make better time. Home is certainly starting to feel closer to us.


Ahhh, "... the sweet smell of tilled soil."
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