Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The day we made our 1,000 actual saddle miles was one of the truly great moments of my life. To set a goal and then work so hard to achieve it makes victory that much sweeter. Edie, Marla and I celebrated with a glass of wine and a steak dinner! We figured we deserved it. You really don't appreciate the distance of a thousand miles until you have experienced it from the back of a horse. It gives you an entirely new perspective! Not only did we ride one thousand miles, but at the end of that thousand miles, our horses looked great and were in fantastic condition. That was the most important thing to us... that we could do it and keep the horses in good shape. They have been through a lot and a doing great. I guess that is a testiment to the good care we give them. I can't wait to see my friends and family... We are getting closer every day. We can make excellent time now in this beautiful terrain. Texas has been good to us....Andi

WAY TO GO GALS! That's quite an accomplishment in respect of stroke research. I hope your message will spread like sunshine now. You are to be commended.
When a co-worker asked if you were "flushed" from the wine in your picture, I said, "...naw, dems three sun dried tomatoes". Justifiably so.
Tally Ho!
Congratulations Trekkers !!!

Safe Travel
Abbeville Sc
I am so very proud of you chickas!! My rear end kinda hurts just thinking of 1000 miles in the saddle. Keep up the good work---love ya'll--mean it!
Congrats! You are now "Official Long riders"!
I can only imagine the thrill. ..
Maybe someday :)
I check on your progress often, As I said when we first met; You are and inspiration"!
Last weekend I got through reading Lisa Wood's " Mustang Journal". (More inspiration). I Read the entire book in 2 days! Couldn't put it down. Than went to Amazon and ordered "Chasing the California Dream: A Solo Horseback Journey Along the California Coast", It will arrive Thursday.
While I was reading "Mustang Journal" I wondered if you are took any of her route. She did it the hard way though, no "crew". I would rather do a ride your way. Yea I'm a wimp. Lol
Anyway, I am so happy for you and feel honored to have got the opportunity to meet you and ride with you.
Love Joann (Salome Arizona)

** PS- I need an address to send you a disk of all the pictures I took of you guys **
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