Monday, July 02, 2007
We had a pretty good scare with Whiskey the other night. He is just a solid muscle of a horse which makes him lacking in flexibility. When they have opportunities to really act like horses and roll, Jericho rolls over and back over several times scratching his back. We laugh because Whiskey rolls on one side and has to stand up then go down on the other side and roll. When we were younger, we used to say the value of the horse was based on the number of times they could roll back and forth. Poor Whiskey, he just could not get all the over.....until the other night. Apparently he rolled in his pen which is made of panels usually placed just a couple of feet from the RV. When he succeeded in rolling over, his legs were penned against the RV and through the rails of his panels. We quickly reacted...Andi was getting a halter on him while Marla and I started taking the pen apart. When I removed the panel that his front legs were through, this freed him partially and enabled him to stand. Not good.....his back leg was still through the rail on the back panel. Andi and Marla were in the process of taking the remaining two panels apart and when they succeeded, we were able to literally drop the panel down his leg to free him totally.

We gave him a shot of bannamine for any pain he might have and also hoped to prevent inflamation. He had very little swelling the next day and seemed to be ok. was not fun for any of us. Poor Jacob was in the RV scared to death. We couldn't let him come out with a horse thrashing around and couldn't really take the time to explain to him what we were doing. In the end, all ended good.

Fortunately, we were near a planned stop. From the very beginning of the trip, we targeted Yeso, NM as a stopping point to make whatever adjustments that might be needed. Whiskey has a great paddock at a ranch owned by Charlie and Beverly Overton. He and Jericho will have a little rest for a couple of days. We put the RV in the shop for some minor repairs. We hope to be back in the saddle and on the road as soon as possible.

Take care;

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