Wednesday, July 18, 2007

We had so much trouble with computer signals in New Mexico that keeping up our pictures on blogs was virtually impossible. Any signal I had was used for working and quick blogs. I am trying to take some time to show some of pictures we took while in New Mexico.

As a reminder, we had to put the RV in the shop for a couple of days. While it was there, we were able to use a car and drive up to Bandalier and back through Santa Fe.

Bandalier Park is the ruins of the Pueblo Indians (also referred to as cliff dwellers) dating back approximately 500 years. They lived in caves carved out of the soft mountains created by volcanic ash. Some of the pictures show the ruins of buildings that were built from block also carved from the soft stone. The bottom left picture is the ceremonial cave and we had to climb several flights of "ladders". There was a great view from up there. The round structure is called a kiva and tourists are allowed to go down in there. It was quite an experience and a place I have wanted to see for a long time.
I felt funny actually wearing shorts and probably looked even funnier than I felt. My arms and face are very tanned but my legs are stark white from wearing jeans while we ride. Hope I blind anybody while we were there.

Hey Ya'll

It is a bummer we have to blog like this now. I am sorry someone would look at this sight and post a negative comment.
You guys are out there sharing with others and passing along valuable information about early stroke detection. I hope no one ever needs the information you have but what are the chances of that. We all know someone who has suffered a stroke.

Not only are you sharing with others but you are sharing with your friends and family the day to day ADVENTURES of crossing the country on Horseback. I can tell you right now this girl will not even cross the country in a car anymore. There is a reason for Airplanes.

Keep your Heads up GIRLS.

Remember your roots.......... GRITS.......... Girls Raised In The South.......... and tell me what happen TODAY !

Safe Travel
Marchelle Taylor
Abbeville SC
CONGRATULATIONS LADIES! I am very proud of you becoming official "Long Riders"! This is truely somnething for you to be proud of! I know that that has been a difficult task to undertake, but you have done it! 1000 Miles! All of you have made us very proud. Stay safe and know that we are all praying for you and that we love you all very much.
CONGRATULATIONS LADIES! We are all very proud of you for becoming "Long Riders". This is something that you should be very proud of! This was not an easy task to undertake, but you have done it... 1000 official miles! We are so proud of all three of you ladies, Jacob, Amos, Jerico, Whiskey, and Tonto... and yes even the ole' RV. Please be careful and know that you are all in our prayers and that we love you.
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