Wednesday, June 06, 2007
After the ride up to Strawberry, we started toward Payson. We found a road called "Control Road" that allowed us to bypass the town of Payson. We back tracked two miles and went 22 miles down Control Road for camp.

Marla and I had scouted out that road the day before. During the ride, we came across a cow elk. Several miles later, we saw a baby trying to get into the brush to his mama. He was right beside us...we just watched but didn't do anything that might cause him further distress. The next day while riding the horses, Andi and I saw a huge mama elk with her baby crossing the road. When we got into camp, Marla and I went out to find our site for the next night. As we were returning to camp...a HUGE bull elk crossed right in front of us. We were riding Tonto and I was trying to keep the light in his eyes to get him to stop. Marla told me to hit the high beam and when I did, he just stopped, turned and looked straight at us. He was totally magnificent and had huge antlers. It was definitely up close and personal - lol. Sure wish we could have gotten a picture.

Back at camp that night, we were awakened all night by coyotes. They had to have been just out of sight and were extremely loud. It was nature at its finest!!!

Love to all;


I am not sure, but I think the control road is an area where we often take the horses over the summer time to camp and get away from the city. We always get to see Elk and Deer, it's very pretty and peaceful there.
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