Wednesday, June 06, 2007
We are in Obergaard, AZ. We had to come into a coffee house so I could get a signal on their Wi-Fi to get some work done. We have no phone or computer phone card signal. I am using this time to catch up some of our blogs. We will be taking pictures of this place and posting them later.

It is planned for Jacob (8 yr. nephew) to join us on Saturday. I am so excited and know this is going to be an adventure of a lifetime. He is so excited and wants to see a coyote so bad, I sure hope it works out for him.

We will be crossing into New Mexico next week.

Keep us in your prayers;

Thanks for thinking of us girls.

Coco is sure missing her mom, thank heaven she has a pig. Last night I was looking for her and she was in the corner of the pasture,standing over her pig he had made a bed of leaves.

Beautiful Pics loved the river.

I know Jacob is excited about joining you all. It is wonderful you can share this with him. It will be a life time memory.

Safe Travel Girls
Abbeville SC
Well, we are still keeping tabs on you here in AZ. We have planned for a long time to come ride with you gals in AZ and cook you a steak dinner but things just aren't working out. My truck was stolen just after I talked to you guys and Charlies truck is still in Oklahoma where the tranny went out. We are making the trip on Tuesday to get Charlies truck and may be bringing me home a truck that I found in Texas. If all goes right we will have some wheels by next week :)

We check the blog every other day or so, we sure are proud of your achievements so far. Stay safe and maybe we will meet up with you soon.
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