Saturday, June 23, 2007
We are now in a town called Magdelena, NM. It is about 110 miles into the state and another very small town. When we crossed the state line, we knew the first town would be Red was on the map. There was one building there and it was a real estate building. The next town was called Quemado and there were stores, etc. We were excited and set-up camp just over a mile on the outside of town. I had to take a day off from riding because we had not been able to get a signal at all. The next day, we took the rv to a shop to have the trailer hitch welded while I tried to get a signal for the computer. I walked from place to place to no avail. Finally, late in the afternoon a woman named Sandra was able to get me on-line via dial up. It was slow but I was happy, it worked and I was able to get payroll off to our employees.

When we ask about cell phone signals, we are told " comes and goes" or "you can get it at the top of some hills and the bottom of some hills". We have pushed pretty hard to reach a place just outside Magdelena where we were sure we could use the computer. We got the horses all set up at this great place where they can run, buck, roll and act like horses. Marla and I had to take the rv to a shop due to a leaking propane leak. The answer was to plug the leaking area until we get to a town large enough to have it repaired. So...we have hot water and the refridgerator works but no stove. That is way better than nothing. We got back that night and I set-up to start catching up on some work. Guess signal.

Today we drove into Socorro. I agreed to do our laundry while they shopped at Walmart. This gave me about an hour to catch up but nearly the time I needed. Our camp (Rancho Magdelena) is only about 25 miles from Socorro so I know we will have signal Monday night. This has been more difficult than the Majove....maybe because we were prepared for the long lapses between signals.

I hope we will be able to start more regular blogs next week.

I miss and love my family. Please pray for my step-mother, she fell and broke her hip. She had to have replacement surgery but seems to be doing good.

Take care and send us comments;

Hey Marla! I hope everthing is going well with everyone.I wanted to let you know that i have been following your trip since day one. I'm sure you all are going to have alot of memories to last a life time by the time you reach home. As you know me and the kids are visting for a while this summer and it feels good to be back home for a while. Me and Jim are looking at coming back this way if we can figure out everything , so who knows what may happen there. I cant wait to see leslie and shelby and to meet the new husband. I want to tell you that you keeping in touch with mom has ment alot to her!!! I have to say the "wet nuts" story is the funniest thing i have heard in a while!!! I pray that you all have safe travels and with alot of laughs along the way. I love you all and wish you the best. Candice.
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