Saturday, June 09, 2007

We started out as a team of four, then were reduced to three. The most cumbersome ordeal as a team of three was the morning movement of camp. Marla would have to drive the rv to the next night's site and I would follow her with Tonto. Once the rv was parked, she would take me back to Andi who was literally "holding the horses". Many times we had volunteers who were more than happy to assist but that was something of which we could not depend.
Marla found an attachment and hitch that bolted to the floor of the trailer. Tonto now gladly follows her to the next camp without the required help of anybody....even me. Of course we now call her our "train".....increasing from two to three.
Ain't it cool!!!!

Hey is the GECKO a new addition to the camper....or did you know it was there?

Safe Travel
Abbeville SC
Hey Gals - great shot! It appears to be a new style wagon train! You would think LONESTARTRAILERS.COM would donate a custom hauler for your unique mixture of cargo. "THE FIRST HORSE TRAILER DESIGNED TO HAUL HOGS", meaning Harleys.
Kudos to you Ms Marla! You do a jam-up job for the riders and I'm sure you're doing it all with that famous smile on your face.
The Gecko is a great addition; practically weightless.
God bless!
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