Tuesday, June 26, 2007
We are just outside if Socorro and were delighted to see a Walmart.It's a good thing though because we are getting ready to cross another difficult stretch of road.We have about 115 miles of nothing in front of us so we have to stock up on everything.
Edie and I road in to Albuquerque on Sunday to get some medicines refilled.What a fiasco!We had only traveled about 12 miles and we had a flat on the bike(just had a new $220 tire put on 2 months ago).I got off and stayed on the side of the road in hopes that Edie would be able to get to a station to get it fixed.No such luck.The bike could not be ridden safely 4 miles later.Now ,Edie and I are separated and miles from the nearest town.I hadn't been sitting for long when a man and woman came up and called me by name."Marla...Edie sent us" That way I knew it was safe.I had been sitting long enough that my leg had fallen asleep,only I didn't know it,so I jumped up to go to the truck and immediately fell down.My leg wouldn't work!!!I fell not once,but 3 times!I felt sure the nice people who were trying to help had to be wondering what kind of drugs I was on .Anyway,these folks not only helped ,they loaded the motorcycle in their truck and took us the 80 miles to the Albuquerque Harley dealer and dropped us off. Thank you so much Peter,Angela,Marty and, Bernadette.We would have really been in a fix without you.
So we ended up having to get a room for the night and come back Monday.Long story short,my $16.00 prescription cost a total of nearly $500.00!But we are safely back on the road.I would also like to say "thanks" to Andi for being so good to Jacob and taking care of everything while we were gone.
I miss you all.(Good to hear from you Candice)

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