Thursday, June 28, 2007
  Seminole Bob the Wanderer
This is such interesting country out here. We are always seeing interesting things and meeting interesting people. Today while Edie and I were riding, a man stopped on a small motorcycle. He offered us water for the horses if we wanted to stop at his place, less than a mile down the road. We thanked him and explained that we were going to be camping just two miles further. We got to talking and found out that he had taken a donkey and traveled from Seminole County, Florida to Seattle, Washington the year of the World's Fair. If you remember, a few days ago, I blogged about Sundown Bob. Seminole Bob knew Sundown Bob. There seems to be a whole little subculture of wanderers out here. He had not heard the Sundown Bob had passed away and was sad to hear that bit of news. He said, "I haven't heard from him for awhile," then, when we told him he had passed away, he said, "Well, I guess that's why I haven't heard from him." We didn't know quite how to respond to that...

We are about half way through the state of New Mexico. We traveled on highway sixty from the point that we entered the state to I 25 Then we had to be trailered 25 miles due north to pick up highway sixty east again. So even though we trailered 25 miles north, we will still have crossed the entire state of New Mexico because where hiway sixty east takes off from highway sixty west is in the same place. Where one leaves off, the other picks up again, only 25 miles further north. Now if I have you thoroughly confused, the bottom line is that we are glad we will still be able to ride the complete distance across the state from west to east!

As some of you might know, Edie and I are trying to complete the requirements to become official Long Riders. There are less than 300 of them world wide. CuChullaine O'Reilly, one of the founders of the Long Riders Guild, has been so helpful to us. He is excited that we are so close to our 1,000 miles. The requirements for Official Long Rider status is that you do an equestrian journey of 1,000 miles or more. You are allowed to count things like trailering short distances for reasons of safety, or injury to an animal, or if you have to transport a horse on a ship to another country, as is sometimes necessary. Edie and I have already met our 1,000 miles on this equestrian journey, but we chose to count only actual riding miles before we apply for our Long Rider status. We will have that sometime in the next ten days. Marla will meet us at our 1,ooo mile marker and bring a bottle of Champagne! We will toast our success at the mile marker that it occurs and will send you all a picture. Wish us well...

One other point I would like to mention. On Tuesday, when we were riding, we completed 20 miles. The temperature was 107 degrees! The sun was hot but there was a slight breeze to cool us. We were walking the horses, and they are in such good condition that they did not even break a sweat. I was blistered however, on my arms, even with 45 spf sunblock! It is HOT out here! We have now completed 859 actual riding miles... only 141 more to hit our 1,000 mile mark!

J.C., Ruth and Dru, I really miss you. Mary... I miss you so much. Jessie, Ryan and Naja... hope you are having a great summer. Please give Naja a pat on the head for me. Robin and the crew... I think of you often. To all my friends and family... God Bless You... I miss you all. Andi



You GO GIRLS!!!! You do us over 50 horse lovers proud.... How many miles do you walk a day?
peace and cheers,
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