Sunday, June 17, 2007

On Wednesday, we crossed over in New Mexico. I cannot believe how much the terrain is changing and how quickly. We are definitely leaving the mountains behind and are riding into the prairie. As we are leaving AZ, the first part of New Mexico is very desolate. There are parts that remind me of being back in the desert. With the mountains, we are leaving the lava washes that were so hard on the horses feet. The prairie is very sandy and we are back to having lots of varment holes with which to deal.
We are having major problems with signals for the phone and computer wire card. It sure makes things difficult with communication for both business and friends. My Mother (Jacob's Grandmother) is certainly not happy about not being able to talk to him each day. We let her know he is fine as often as we can.
Take care;

Hello Andi,
I haven't forgotten you. I have been so busy. I keep up with everything and have you on my mind. Take care and God bless. Love you bunches.

Jacob I hope you have a great time.
Hi how are you all doing i hope everything is fine
i saw that you are in NM that is good
Love Yvonne from Springerville, AZ
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