Tuesday, June 26, 2007
  The Magdalena Driveway and Explosions...
We have found that out here, there are places they call "Driveways". No, they don't lead into a garage or car port as they do where we come from! They are places where cattle or sheep were driven to a feed lot, train yard or market. We have just completed one hundred and fifteen miles of the Magdalena Driveway. Highway 60 which is the road we have been riding on for the last week is the road that cattle and sheep were driven on to take them to the rail head at Magdalena. It was a beautiful ride and I could just envision a herd of sheep or cattle ahead of me. It is a dry stretch of the high plains and would have been a difficult drive. The plains are almost beyond description. They stretch out to the horizon as far as you can see. There are desolate mountains sporadically placed as a loose perimeter for the plains.

Today as we were riding toward Socorro, Edie and I saw a thick cloud of billowy smoke. Then, minutes later we heard and felt an explosion. Not knowing what caused it, we called Marla to see what she could find out. If it was a controlled thing, that was o.k. but if it was a natural thing we wanted to know what it was and what to expect next. ( We knew we were riding parrallel and only a quarter mile from the Magdalena fault line.) She called back and told us that not only do people blow things up in the mountains all the time... there was actually a school there where they teach people how to blow things up! It is a place where they teach demolition techniques to students who are going into the mining industry. We thought that was interesting... as long as they didn't do it again as we were riding in close proximity to the mountain. We heard a few more explosions but they were farther away. I can say one thing about our ride... there is seldom a dull moment! Andi

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