Friday, June 01, 2007

This is Gary...he was so much fun and so good to us. He owns his own restaurant but he was so low profile about it, none of us know the name. As a matter of fact, he took Milt, Gail, Marla, Andi and I out to eat but took us to the local Country Club.
He was the most knowledgeable person I have ever met regarding wines....their they are rated...etc. I cannot even do him justice about just how much he knows. It was quite a treat for us to be entertained by someone of his caliber and we are most gracious. Thank you Gary and I sure hope we hear from you along our journey.
Thanks from all of us;

Hey Ya'll

Well Edie, I am sure you were more than happy to pertake? of all the wine Gary was knowledgeable about (AND IT SEEMS LKE A LOT)

Remember...Wine and Whiskey don't mix.

I hope she shared with the rest of you guys.

Safe Travel
Abbeville SC
The name of Gary's restaurant is Sweet Grace Emporium. It is just off Main Street at Fifth Street in Camp Verde, AZ. The name refers to God's Grace.
A small place with great food, personal service, wonderful soups and desserts. GailP8
Edie,Andi,and Marla,

I am very proud of you ladies. The stories and the pictures are wonderful. You guys have had some spooky moments. The day i heard the coyotes...would have been the day i took a trip back home. You ladies are brave. Hang in there for however long you can and just when you can't hang anymore...i'll meet you at the airport. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
lol, Little Miss Clinton, SC
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