Sunday, June 17, 2007

I cannot help myself...I had to put these pictures of Jacob on here. I promise, we will get back to business soon. I am so proud of how he is participating. Saturday, he stayed with Andi and I for several hours. We took turns with the horses and he was great about doing his share of the walking. I know he walked almost two miles that day and rode for about three or four. Marla picked him up and he went to the rv and helped her set up the panels for the horses. He is such a strong little man.
This morning, we had a Sunday devotional. He was very sweet and added his own input. He and Andi stayed with the horses while Marla and I went into Quemado, NM for some water. When we returned, he had made us a cross from wood and leather. He has such a good heart.
He considers the whole team as his aunts...

hello you terrific girls. I am from Medicine Hat , Alberta Canada.
We met Mary Sullivan this winter at the Bouse camp where you have posted the picture of Jim. Mary sent me your website. I had to read all of it last nite. I am in awe of you girls and what you are doing.
I am sending all of those I know your website, and I will be following your posts daily. Good luck!
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