Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Here are a couple pictures we took while riding Fossil Creek Road. It was a 25 mile ride and 10 of the last 12 miles were steady incline. In the 10 miles, our boys went up approx. 3000 ft. in altitude. We found a stock pond (a muddy watering hole) about 10 miles into the ride. Just before the incline, we came to the Verde River. Verde in Spanish means green, you can see by the top left picture how it got its name.

The walls of the creek were very rocky and we almost never found a spot for the boys to get water. We finally came across a place where the creek was very wide but shallow (top middle) and we could get them down for a drink. There were tall stands of lush grass that looked like fescue. As you can see, Jericho kept his mouth full. It was a good break for them just before they started up that incline.
We recently met a man named Charlie and he says that few people do that ride from Camp Verde to Strawberry, AZ in one day. He also said that the rides he has participated in had to be changed to start in Strawberry and ride down to Camp Verde, AZ. He made us feel very proud of our accomplishments and our boys.
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