Sunday, June 17, 2007

On June 10, our 8 year old nephew joined our group - Jacob New. He flew by himself from Atlanta and we picked him up in Phoenix. This gave us an opportunity to visit with Charlie, Sherry and Charles of Super Gentle Horses. If you recall, their place is where I purchased Whiskey. It was like visiting with family and I hope they are able to join up with us further into our ride. Sherry is considering participating for part of the ride.
During our drive from Phoenix back to Show Low, AZ - we drove through Salt River Canyon. Jacob loved the scenery and we took him back to Overgaard to let him see the Percherons. We told him there were little horses and when he walked in and saw these horses, he was almost speechless (which is an accomplishment all of its own with him). All he could do is stare and when he finally spoke, he said "they are giants". The men that handle the team were in the barn and all of us couldn't help but laugh.
In Show Low, we stayed with Susan and Joe Dowd. They entertained Andi and had a barn for our horses when Marla and I went to Phoenix. When Marla and I returned with Jacob, they were very kind to us. I felt like we had bombarded their home and openly prayed for Susan's patience in the wake of our visit - lol. We certainly appreciated their hospitality.
Jacob is now an honorary Trekker and could not be happier.
More to come;

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