Sunday, May 06, 2007
  WOW....Horse Country
Today is Sunday and supposed to be a day of rest. We have had a hard time keeping a signal so doing my real "work" has been very difficult. Joann brought Andi and I into Wickenburg so I can work. This is a great town for horse people and I sure wish it was on our route. They actually have signs that say "HORSES HAVE RIGHT OF WAY". Many of the store fronts are of the old western theme and there are saloons instead of bars. There are also museums and parks dedicated to horses and the old west. This is definitely a town I would want to return to and spend some time.

When we left Salome, AZ on Saturday - Mary and Joann were planning to meet us and ride horses with us. At the planned departure time, they had not arrived and we tried to call but got no answer. We figured something had come up so we went ahead. Later in the day, Joann found us and informed us that they were on their way. When Mary started to mount the horse she was riding, it bolted with her and she took a nasty fall. She had to be "air lifted" to Phoenix and ultimately requires surgery. I feel so bad for Mary and hope everybody will say a prayer for her healing.

For those following our "horse tales", you know Whiskey has been a tough nut to crack when it comes to trust. His training on a ranch must have included a lot of harsh discipline. In the very beginning, I had to get a very soft brush just to gain his trust for brushing. I have been able to gradually increase to a more rigid brush for better cleaning. This morning, Marla was in his pen and was scratching his rear. He just loves Marla because she gives him treats and scratching and never asks for anything from him. We refer to her as their Grandmama and we are the parents. He got so into the scratching that he started swaying back and forth as if he was dancing. When she stopped, we swung toward her so quickly that he bumped her pretty hard. I cannot tell you how happy I am to see him continuing to respond to his spoiling and how much I appreciate Marla's help with winning his trust.

Our camp site Saturday and Sunday night in on gov't land and absolutely beautiful. Our concern is the wild burro in this area. We have been warned that if there are young and they feel threatened, the stud of the group might attack - especially geldings. Ahem...both of our horses are geldings. We keep our ears open during the night and so far, no problems.

I hope we get a signal at camp soon, Marla and Andi both are anxious to blog.

Love to all;

Hey Gals - Glad to hear you're putting some serious miles behind you now. How terribly disappointed Mary must feel, much less her injury. Please keep us up to date on her progress and we will certainly keep her in our thoughts and prayers.
We are beginning to think Whiskey is becoming too spoiled. Before you know it, he'll be wanting to sleep in the RV, grin.
Tally Ho!
Hi, I'm not sure any of you buy my Grandma Andi will know me, but Im one of the five grandchildren (Andy) and I wanted to say hello, and apologize for not posting sooner, I have been getting updates from my parents and sending reguards via them from the begining and wish you guys alot of luck, I'm sorry to hear about Mary, and I hope everything turns out okay, Wish you guys lots of luck, and much love

Andy Crump
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