Saturday, May 12, 2007

Whiskey had been rubbing his butt on his panels at night. Not only was he making lots of racket but he had actually started to make sores on the back side. He had been wormed when I got him but I naturally thought that was the problem and quickly wormed him again. No change....he kept rubbing and making the sores bigger. We tried a variety of ointments...etc to no avail so we decided he needed a bath in the stream.
You gotta love those stark white legs in my Ariat boots in the water. I can tell you that I had no concerns about doing harm to these boots. They are so durable, my 10 year old pair certainly got drenched enough so I knew these would still last and last.
Marla helped me give him his bath, wish she could have been in the picture with us but somebody had to operate the camera. I can't say he loved his bath but he certainly tolerated it. I believe it felt better to him than he would want to admit even if he was a little skittish. After he was properly shampooed and rinsed, Marla started to leave. Whiskey started pawing at the water with his right front hoof (Marla's side) and with her wearing flip-flops, she couldn't get away very fast. With each paw, I could see her back getting wetter and wetter until she was nearly soaked. Don't tell me he didn't know what he was doing, I could see him laughing and so was I. It was so much fun. And....he didn't rub his butt on the panels that night.
The whole thing reminded me of when my best friend in school (Peggy McFerron) and I used to give our horses a bath. We lived near the local Civic Center and there was a kiddie pool. After normal hours, we would fill the pool and turn the center sprinkler on and give them a bath. They loved it!!!!
Today we arrived at the McGuire Ranch and will be taking our Sunday break. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all you Mother's out there.
We love you and miss you all;

Whiskey is a beautiful horse! I love these pictures.
Edie - Whiskey looks wonderful. What a great head shot of you both in the creek. Ariat Boots are on the right Trek. Didn't you always hear that real cowboys, way back when, would stand in the horse trough long enough to soak them, then wear them 'til they dried? That way the leather formed to their feet. Of course you have, but not many boots today are made well enough to survive even the trough soaking, much less ten years of wear after. You serve as a remarkable testimony to their product. Now, do Ariat Boots survive snake bite???
Whiskey looks great! Is that mane finally starting to lay over???

Looks like a very pretty place to be :)
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