Thursday, May 10, 2007
  Twister Heller
On Wednesday we were privileged to meet Twister Heller, his lovely wife Sandy, his son Jud and Jud's girlfriend, Andea. They have a training facility in Congress where they train cutting horses. It was fun to finally meet Twister and Sandy after having communicated with them for almost a year. They were another set of "Friends we hadn't met yet". They were gracious with their hospitality and made us feel right at home! Jud and Andrea work together starting the young horses. We met Helena and Julie who were in training at the Heller Ranch. They couldn't say enough good things about their time there. It was interesting to watch them work the horses. Their facility was top notch and I wish we could have spent some more time getting to know them. They are wonderful people and we appreciate them more than they know. Best Wishes to all our new friends at the Heller Ranch. Andi

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