Tuesday, May 15, 2007
  Skull Valley
We have arrived at Skull Valley, Arizona. The valley got it's name when the first white men arrived here and found many Indian skulls bleached by the sun in the valley. There had been a battle between the Apache and Maricopa Indians and the dead were left where they fell. We have been staying at the McGuire Ranch. Tom and Cecelia McGuire are two more Angels we have met out here. They are the parents of Delci, our friend that we met when we were staying in Parker, with Willie and Andy. Tom helped us get a farrier out here on Mothers Day to shoe the boys. Cecelia is helping map out a way to leave here so Edie and I can go across country through the State Park, rather than try to go by way of the very dangerous mountain roads. They have a beautiful ranch here, nestled in the valley and surrounded by gorgeous mountains. It is a peaceful place. Cecelia's horse, Nellie, is a beautiful gray mare, half Quarter Horse and half Arabian. She has ridden her extensively in the North West, she drives her in a sulky or wagon, she ropes on her. She is a beautiful and sweet mare that is very versatile. Tom has a gorgeous bay gelding that he ropes on. They have a few steers here and a neat dog named Trixie. Trixie brings her toys up here to share with Amos. She likes getting in the horses water trough when it is hot. Yesterday we did repairs to the RV. Edie fixed the door, Marla was working on an electrical problem and I fixed a screen. Edie is trying to fix a ramp on the trailer so we can haul the motorcycle on the trailer. We went shopping yesterday for groceries and horse feed. It feels like a holiday when we get to go to a Wal-Mart! We all got hair cuts while we were there. Big day on the town for us! Well, hope everyone is well and know that we miss you all. Jessie... give Naja a big hug for me... Love to you and your family as well. Big hugs to all our friends and family. Andi

Hey girls,


Sounds like you girls are having a great time,it seems you all are more relaxed....... I hope so anyway

Safe Travel
Abbeville SC
I will! She's still doing well, and been playing with my sisters a lot. She's even warmed up to my dad!
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