Tuesday, May 01, 2007
  My Update

It seems forever since I have been able to blog. After crossing the desert and arriving at a nice town, there was so much to do. Here we are pictured with Andy and Willie...they are the owners of the stable where we were able to park the RV and rest the horses. They both are such kind and wonderful people and we will certainly miss them.
We knew crossing California was going to be the hardest part of our entire trip. Starting with the spiderweb of highways and freeways on the western part of the state to pure desolation in the Mojave. Now that it is behind us, it feels as if our trip has actually just started. We met some wonderful people in CA and their kindness will always be remembered. The first couple we stayed with (Dave and Val) continue to stay in touch and I hope always will - they are like family to us.
The horses are rested .... we are rested and will now be able to start building more miles per day. We were tired the first day due to the heat but today was just about perfect. We rode 15 miles and have already started meeting people as we go. Now that we are out of the desolation and going from town to town, the word seems to be spreading about us. There are railroad tracks with a service road that makes travel through this part of the desert so much easier. We encountered a train both days during our ride. The first day, we were deeper in the desert and able to get the horses further away as the train passed. They reacted but not too bad. When the train passed today, we were between the tracks and a fence along the road so we were pretty up close. We were able to see the engineer from where we were standing so we pulled the neck of our shirt up over our nose and pointed our fingers as if we were going to hold up the train. He laughed and pretended to shoot back at us - it was funny.
We met a girl named Joanne that is having some outpatient surgery tomorrow and hopes to heal enough to be able to ride with us as we approach Salome. I am so excited about getting into more of a "horse country" part of the ride.
We get a lot of attention about our horses. Andi, Marla and I all take care good care of these boys. It thrills me when we ride into an area and when we pull the saddles off, there are lots of comments about how "good" they look. The people familiar with what they have come through know if they were not properly cared for, it would show quickly. I guess the one thing that scares me the most is not having a constant farrier and having to depend on a local one to put shoes on them. We can maintain the normal hoof care and have recently started using a product called Miracle Oil. This oil can help with keeping moisture in the hoof in the dry areas and protect it when we get into the rainy parts. If anybody can put it to a test, I am sure we can.
I have missed being able to write but will write more soon. Hello to all and lots of love to my family and friends.

Good Morning girls glad to see all is well and rough times are hopefully behind you.

Be Safe
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