Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Here are a few more pictures of our departure from Camp Verde yesterday. I always love to show some of the terrain we cross, the highway part was a very short part of the ride.
I am sure you see the Mayor (Tony) and Bill Dean leading our group. I think Bill has ridden virtually every square inch of the area and Tony knew many of the trails as well. In route, we were taken into a hidden canyon. We also saw Indian ruins from old dwellings and caves with dark soot in the ceiling. Not sure if it was from kids hiking and building fires or if it was years old.
We leave for Strawberry, AZ in the morning. It will be a 25 mile ride across mountains but at there will be a road...not just trails.
Take care and love to all;

Hey Girls,

See ya got escorted out of town.

Nice pic on the Hill Edie.

Andy, did you blind fold your horse to make it more challenging....

Hey Marla

Safe Travel
Abbeville SC
Hi there strangers!! Are ya'll coming home soon? Just thought I would ask....
Great pics!! I love those red flowers in that kind of terrain...what a welcome sight I'm sure!
I love those Llamas! Throwing caution to the wind and showing my ignorance I will ask about them..What are they used for over there? They looked awful neat!! I wouldn't mind having one of them!!
They look friendly...
Andi, Edie and Marla, I miss ya'll, pray you home safely every day--can't wait to see ya'll again--I long for normalcy with ya'll--I am happy and proud that you have all had this challenge and adventure--What a great experience and many people will have benefitted in many ways from all of you...I love ya'll...Sis
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