Monday, May 07, 2007

This is Jim.We met him at an RV park in Bouse.Jim had an assay buisness there and was out in the mountains with his partners and wasn't feeling well.They took him home and he told them to call in a helicopter to get him to the hospital.He had had bypass surgery a year before and had a blood clot in his leg.It broke loose .Not only was a stroke inevitable,but he lost his leg.He said it was an easy choice,leg or life.No choice to make really.

Hello Saddle Sisters!
I hope the trail and weather has been favorable for you. I will think of you gals every day! I am glad that you let me take you to see Wickenburg and I do hope you get a chance to get back and see Double D Western World. They have all kinds of neat things to drool over. Be sure to check out the tack downstairs too! I am glad you enjoyed it, I had no doubt you would. I would have been disappointed if you had missed it. That is why I just had to take you there. It is a neat little town.
I want you all to know that it was such a treat to get a chance to spend time with all of you ! The laundry and dishes can always wait. I will never have regrets that I made the time to visit and help as much as I could. Also I had a good time riding with you Friday. I have been longing to ride with Longriders for a long time. Maybe next time it will be 20 miles instead of only 4. The day went much too fast!
Even though I have only known you guys a week it felt like you were family. You are all such an inspiration! And Andie, I really enjoyed talking over lunch with you and listening to your story. "When I do my ride" ( Feels strange hearing myself say that) I will definitely recommend your book! And even before than. I already have 3 people waiting in line to read mine when I am through reading it!

I hope to get out to see you one more time before you get too far away from us. I will be in Wickenburg with a friend Saturday morning. I hope we will be able to make time to catch up with you and visit a bit that afternoon. If we do I will give you a call when we head out of Wickenburg.

I got an update on Mary. I called her neighbor while I was at work today. He said she had surgery last night and is feeling better.

Apparently when she was mounting the saddle slipped a little and the horse bolted. She held on to the saddle as long as she could and than bailed. When she fell I assume his hoof must have hit her ankle as he was galloping which is how her tibia was shattered above the ankle and also fractured it farther up and dislocated below her knee. They put in plates and screws. She is going to be hobbling around for awhile .

We appreciate all your well wishes and prayers. She does not have internet service so I am going to print the blog posts from those wishing her well. Thank you all for your prayers for her speedy recovery.

I will be thinking about you guys every day..
And wishing you a safe journey
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