Saturday, May 12, 2007

Twister Heller Ranch is located on a 20 mile long dirt road. I have never seen such significant changes in the landscape as we saw during that ride. The mountain ranges surrounding us varied in appearance as well as going from desert floor to green valleys. It was wonderful.
The day before we left, Marla and I rode Tonto out to pick the next day's camp site. Even as beautiful as the scenery was, the road was a total washboard. We met Deputy Jim Walls and tried to find her an alternate route to bring the RV around but the ride would have been too long. I felt so bad for Marla when she passed us along the road. The RV was shaking so hard and dumped lots of the contents from the cabinets onto the floor. Jud Heller (Twister's son and on the right in the above picture) picked Marla up after she had taken the RV to the site. She vowed she would never go down that road again and was true to her word. When Jud took her back to get Tonto, she drove those extra miles around the mountain but said the ride was beautiful.
Along the way of taking the RV, she passed Jim on his horse named Banjo and his dog Angel. They were riding out to meet Andi and I and ride the rest of the road. You have probably figured out that Jim is the one in the black hat and green shirt. Marla snapped this picture of us when Jud was taking her back to get Tonto.
As Andi, Jim and I were riding along - we asked him a variety of questions. We told him about a growling noise that came from brush near the road. He very casually told us that was a wild pig, they are the only animal in the area that will stand their ground like that. He said the mountain lions, coyotes and other animals usually run away. That was a real reminder of things of which we have to remain aware. He also told us that we were riding one of the road they frequently ride in search of bodies. As they break up drug active areas, they go from small town to small town. The bodies are left when the deal goes bad. The most frequent area of "findings" is on Hwy. 93 from Vegas. Many times are we are riding, Andi and I both have made the comment that if someone dumped a body in that area, it would never be found. Guess we were closer to being right than we really wanted to be.
We will certainly be keeping our eyes open .... for any and everything.

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