Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tom and Cecilia took us out to eat at the Kirkland Bar and Steak House. We had invited them but Tom beat us to the check. They have been very good to us. The steaks were cooked on an open pit with real wood - the food was fantastic.
You can see Andi holding her 1987 Christmas Tree in front of the place (just kidding). It was a tumbleweed that rolled in for the picture. The painting with the horses was done by an acquaintance of Cecilia. I loved it because one of the horses looks like Whiskey. Our waitress took Marla and I on a little tour of the place. It was built in the late 1800's, burned in 1922 and rebuilt on the same foundation in 1923. The safe pictured above is an original Wells Fargo safe.
Last but certainly not least is the last painting. The place was a brothel and there was a Madam named Mary. The story is told that Mary had been missing and was found with her throat cut. Years later, there was a filming at the bar and they put the wood siding up covering the walls. If you look in the wood, you can definitely see the face of a woman. They claim that it gets more detailed each year. Of course, they call her Mary and when anything goes wrong at the bar or restaurant, she gets blamed. Weird....huh!!
We ended up taking a couple of extra rest and catch-up days. This allowed us to make some adjustments to the trailer and get things a little more organized. We will be riding out tomorrow so...back on the trail we go.
Love you all;

Hi Girls,
Enjoyed the pics.......
Not much going on here except Shanna has a 8,9,10 year old softball team,it has been great to help coach and it brings back a lot of memories of Shanna playing rec. ball.
Safe Travel,
Abbeville SC
Hello All,

Enjoyed the Pics! Neat story of the building being rebuilt. Mom is now an official tumbleweed catcher!
We are all getting ready for Dru's Graduation on the 24th of May. Dru has finally finished his classes and is graduating with all IB Honors. Can't wait to see him in his cap and gown. I will be sure to post a picture of him in his gown.
I haven't heard much about Amos lately. How is the ole' boy doing?
We miss him as well.
I hope that all is well with each of you.
Please be safe and keep posting the blogs as we look forward to reading them.
Love you all.
I think the three of you are having WAY too much fun! Crack that whip! Yeeee-haaahhh! RAW-HIDE!! I'm sure there are few old enough to remember that Western and recognize my humor, but there's no one who deserves the fun more than you.
Happy Trails!
Hey girls, so glad you are enjoying my mom and dad, i knew they would take care of you with that good old fashioned western hospitality....also glad you all enjoyed herbs kirkland bar...best steaks around huh? anyways, dont forget to wear your hat andi, that sun can still get to ya even up north....take care and we are all saying our prayers for ya...give the horses a big hug ....take care, Delci
Good to see folks are treating you well and that you are enjoying yourselves - you deserve it!
Andi- I finished your book in a week. I highly recomend it.

Love the pictures, keep em coming! And The music is a great added touch!
Happy Trails,
Hi girls! You did a terrific job on your trek to the Horsecamp... I am so glad you made it safely. Now you should take a much needed rest! As you can see I am now a "blogger" too! Loved having you..and we really enjoyed it...take care and be safe...hugs to you all!
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