Sunday, May 20, 2007
As you all know,I have my trustee steed,Tonto,with me.I have taken him places no one should go on a sportster.Down rocky trails,up wash board roads,etc.Yesterday I was taking Tonto down a trail to check out a campsite moving very slowly ,as you motorcycle riders know,the front tire caught on a rock and over we went.The times before on this journey that we have fallen has been in deep sand and very little damage was done.Yesterday was a little different.It was a creek bed full of rocks.As I hit the road,all I could see was the lens off of my tail light skip across the rocks.My heart sank.As a result, I lost the cover, two head bolt covers,and skinned various parts of Tonto.I got him back to the upright position,and like a true champion,he started right up and carried me back to the girls.As I saw them,they knew something was wrong.I showed my hands which were bleeding and a small place on my leg.No seriuos wounds.When I settled down,I started looking at Tonto.Once a proud shiny scooter,now a proud skinned up bike with broken and missing parts.Edie assures me that she will see to it that when we can ,Tonto will be restored to his original state.So raise a glass to my mount Tonto,warrior extraordinair.

I am so glad you both are, OK Marla, you and Tonto... I know all about those rocky creek beds.... Did you find a place to camp by Dewey, yet?? My sister and I might do the same trek across these mountains, too..... I promise, Andi... we won't call on you too be our
Cecilia in Skull Valley
Hey Girls,

Marla.....I think you need to upgrade to a Dirt Bike........

Be careful girls have you ever heard of a GPS

Just Joking

Be Safe
Abbeville SC
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