Tuesday, May 22, 2007

We are officially out of the mountain ranges. As you can see from the pictures above, some of the trails were very steep and rocky. I am very proud of the fact that we found our way across these mountains and ended up "close" to our intended spot. There were some marked trails but we ended up making the best decisions using a compass Marla bought for us.
The views from these mountains have been spectacular and it is hard for a camera to show the detail. We have no idea what the bottom photo was but we came across this near the end of a trail.
We have shared so much about the difficulty and dangers of some of these trails but have not lost sight of one thing. God bless our forefathers/foremothers and their insight for actually creating these trails. There were many places I was in total awe that someonCheck Spellinge had actually chiseled out something that looked like a trail in these rocks. I know some of these have been around for years and years - they were incredible people. During this entire ride, there have been many places that we have wondered how they crossed the terrain with NO trails and pulling wagons with horses. It makes me wonder when they were crossing the deserts for the first time just how did they manage the water situation and how they knew there was something worthwhile they were riding toward. I am humbled by these pioneers!!
We will reach Camp Verde, AZ today and will be there until Thursday or Friday.
Love to all;

Awesome pictures...I can sure see there were steep trails and rocky.... that is Arizona... but it is beautiful... I am so proud of you both making it...!! You sure have gotten me tempted to try to ride the same trails across these mountains... Maybe I'll see you tomorrow.... Take care
Sounds like you all doing great, i am thankful you are all doing okay and im glad Az will be forever in your minds...we are all so very proud of you...Keep your hats pull low and your heads held high....will be saying some more prayers for all of you...Delci
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