Friday, May 04, 2007

There is no doubt that the people around here have a sense of humor. This is the sign as you are leaving Hope, AZ. We arrived in Salome and their slogan is "where she dances". Apparently the founder's wife was named Salome and when she stepped out onto the hot sand barefooted, she was dancing around.

We were without signal yesterday evening and up until pretty late today so we can finally blog again. Our thanks to Mary Sullivan for her help. She participated with the morning camp shuffle by following Marla to the next stop and taking her back for Tonto. It was a huge help ... thanks again.

Joanne met us today on her Arab named Mocha. She has raised this horse from 5 months old and trained him herself. She has done a good job and they were both fun. She is planning on doing a long ride in five years with him and we wish her all the luck possible. She seems pretty determined!!

We are staying behind T-Bar B Feed which is actually the owner's (Toni and husband) home and ranch. They have all kinds of animals from gorgeous horses, a new born miniature horse, cattle, sheep, goats, doves, rabbits....(did I miss anybody - lol). Toni has an office full of ribbons from her days of competition as a jumper. The mini's pen is right next to where she had available for us to put our horses. The mini stud, mare and new foal are all together and the stud runs back and forth as if to protect his family from the entering horses. The odd thing is that Whiskey only whinnies at other horses but he panicked at the site of this little stud. It took time to get him to calm down.

OK...feels like I am rambling cause I am tired tonight. I am looking forward to having Sunday as a day of rest.

Take care...hugs to all;


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Hi Girls,

I see you all are beyond Hope.
(already knew this about you Edie)

Glad things seem to be going smooth.

Rained all day here Saturday.

Safe Travel
Abbeville SC
Hello All,

Glad to hear that you are finally back to civilization. Sorry that we haven't been able to communicate to often but we all have had something like the flu for the past two weeks. We are better now, but both Dru and I are taking final exams this week! Yeah! So much fun! Anyway, I am glad that you all are covering more ground. Every step that is taken brings you closet home. We miss you all terribly.
Mom, You look great in the photos. You have lost alot of weight, understandably so. we are very proud of you.
Edie, and Marla, You guys look great also and we love seeing all of you in the photos. We love you guys as well. I would like to thank you for being such good friends to Mom.
Now I am the one rambling so I will let you go for now. Becareful and we'll chat at you later.
God Bless You all.
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