Sunday, May 13, 2007
  being silly

Sometimes we are so tired we are just silly.The picture of Andi with the water,notice she is drinking from the bottom of the bottle which she poked holes in with her knife(she couldn't get the top off). Sorry about the sideways picture.Sometimes they get sssooooo bored,they dig around in the horse poop looking for treasure!

Hi Girls

Glad to see you have not lost your since of humor

Edie you are to sexy for your Boots

Safe Travel,
Abbeville Sc
Hi Ladies,
We're enjoying keeping track of your adventures; great job on the blog. Take care of yourselves!

Ginger Pollack
Office of Supervisor Linda Parks
Ventura County, CA
I have been living vicariously through your blog. I'd love to ride across the US!

I wish I had known about your ride sooner and maybe I could have caught up with you and traveled a few miles!

I forwarded your website to my mailing list, and I know they forwarded along even farther.

Try to stay cool in the rising temps and stay safe.

Cathy Peterson -- Cave Creek AZ
Well, it's good to know that your trip has been so dang life fulfilling...diggin in horse crap sounds like soooo much fun...haha.

I love you all.
Shelby (Kicking Horse)
You Remind Me Of Granny-New
In This Picture! I Loved Her &
Miss Her So Very, Very Much!
I Love You & Am Praying For
You, So Very, Very Much!
Take Care,
Be Safe,
Love Ya,
My Prayers Are With You!
Your Couz,
Great Pics!

Love ya!
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