Saturday, May 12, 2007
  500 Miles and going strong...
Four miles into our ride yesterday, we passed our 500 mile mark! We have already crossed 40% of the state of Arizona. We are really in some beautiful country. The veiw from the McGuire ranch where we are staying in Skull Valley, is spectacular! Tom and Cecelia have provided us with a wonderful place to park and each horse has his own private paddock. They are in heaven! We have been riding through some twisty, winding canyons. Marla has had to block for us from behind, in order for traffic to know that we are in the road ahead. It has all gone very smoothly so far. At one point yesterday, there was a sheer drop off of 400 to 500 ft on one side and a sheer rock wall on the other! There wasn't much choice but to ride right down the middle of the road. The mountains of Arizona are spectacular and I think this is some of the most beautiful country, so far, that we have traveled through. I saw Pine trees today when Marla and I went into Prescott on Tonto. They smelled so clean and good. There are large Cedar trees, huge Cottonwood trees, Manzanita and Desert Willow trees. God may not live here... but I know He spends a lot of time here... When we were at Twister Heller's Ranch... he asked me if I regretted doing the ride... I quickly told him that I didn't regret one minute of it and would do it again in a heart beat. This has been one of the greatest experiences of my life on so many different levels... What a way to see this glorious country we live in!What a wonderful way to meet so many fantastic and special people! What an opportunity to experience the very threads of the intricate tapestry that makes up America! Regret it??? Not hardly... I am loving every minute of it! The only sad parts of this trip for me is not getting to be at some important family functions, and the fact that I miss my sister and the rest of my family and friends so much. I can't wait to finish this trip and see them all on the beaches of Edisto Island. Well, keep us in your prayers as we do the next 500 miles and become official Long Riders. Love to all.... Andi

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