Monday, April 02, 2007
  Watching a hawk hunt
We had a very short ride today, only a couple of miles. We are now on a route that will take us parallel with the major highway but not have to contend with the traffic. Gene gave us a great overnight place to let our horses run in a large arena and we can plug into a house.

On our way over here, Andi and I had a hawk that was hunting all around us. We could watch him spot a jack rabbit and make a beeline toward him. The only thing...just as he got to the rabbit, he would fly straight upward like a trick kite on the beach and then descend toward his prey. It was like watching a wildlife show and at first it is exciting to think we will actually get to watch him get a rabbit and then at the last moment I was rabbit, run!!! Well...we watched this virtually the entire time we rode and that big hawk never caught a single rabbit and he had lots of opportunities. I finally called out to him and said..."hey you, if you wouldn't have to be so grandiose with that vertical upswing just before you hit, you might have a chance". It was still fun to watch, he was within 15 feet of us on a couple of occasions.

We have another pretty short ride tomorrow, only about 6 miles. The following day will be back to our regular desert 10 miles. I cannot wait to get these horses on more solid ground.

Take care and love to all;

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