Saturday, April 14, 2007
As you all know ,my mount for this ride is my trusty companion ,Tonto.Tonto has carried us in excess of 2000 miles since the middle of March...without fail.Now,that is not the same as without fell.Tonto has fallen in the sand ,not one, but three times!We hit this deep sand and next thing you know,we're face down in it ! This has not been without casualty.I, myself , am fine.However,I can't say the same for Tonto.There has been a loss of two mirrors(one of which had to be cut off(surgery).Multiple scarring on the gas tank(from being pried up out off the sand with a 2x 4)A bent brake pedal and arm.Oil on the Iron Braids.And last but certainly not least,my pride.
All in all,we are both fine and ride together every day.
We think of those at home often and wonder what we are missing.We remind each other of our mission and hope that maybe we talk to just one person who can recognise the symptoms of a stroke and know what to do. Quality of life folks! That's what it's all about.We got a comment from our friend Peggy who is watching the segments being aired on "brain attacks" She has learned that during a stroke,you lose a portion of your brain the size of a pea EVERY 12 MINUTES!!!! Pay attention. the soap box.I want to say "hello" to my girls .I love you babies.
And Sir Jacob...Can hardly wait to see you.
And to all our friends and family...we love and miss you all.Don't forget us while we are out here!

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