Monday, April 16, 2007
  Today We Can See Arizona!
We are only 17 miles from the Arizona state line! Today we ended our ride in a tiny place called Vidal Junction. We can see mountains that are on the other side of the line. On Wednesday we will be in Parker and we will be able to honestly say that we crossed the California Mojave. We will still have a small part of it to cross in Arizona, but at least it is populated there and a much easier section of desert to ride. It has been quite an experience, I can tell you that. One that I will never forget! Happy Birthday to Alice on the 24th of the month. I love and miss all of my friends and family... Hugs to you all. Special prayers for Kathy and Don. Hello to New Horizon Life Center, to my Pastor and his family... and to my church family and the school... I think of you every day. One state almost behind us... Love, Andi

I'm glad things are going well. Naja is happy and well, but shedding a TON. (It's ok, our vacuum cleaner could use the workout.)
I'm still praying for you!
Good Morning Trekkers,

It is always great to hear that ya'll are doing fine and one state closer to home!!!
Hope ya'll have an awesome day!! I'm thinking of ya'll and missing the three of ya'll. God Bless..

Keep on trekking! Love, Sis
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