Sunday, April 01, 2007
Here we are parked on the side of the road in 29 Palms,which has turned out to be a good thing.We have had lots of people stop by,one of which is a man and his wife,by the names of Gene and Randee.They have invited us to thier place which has an arena and running water!!We will stay there tonight and head out in the morning. I think we will have one more day of riding in 29 Palms and then into desolation. I'm sure we will be fine in the deep sand and heat.Still our biggest concern is water.We are carring approx. 150 gallons and figure we will have to make trips to refill our tanks on a regular basis.We bought 4 five gallon gas containers to keep the generator running so that won't be an issue.All in all,a piece of cake!ha-ha.
Morale is good and we are ready for what is ahead of us .I can hardly wait to see all the stars in the desert sky.
Leslie and Trevor have got thier new apartment all set up and are beginning thier life together.
Shelby,my littlest angel, is working hard in school and spending time with her sweetie,Steven(who is the pick of the litter,by far)I am very proud of the girls and the choices they make. I love my babies!!!
Ok,there are two different cars out here so I must go do a "meet and greet".
Love to all,

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